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What might be a movie that you enjoyed but didn't think you would?

Asked by ucme (48155points) 1 week ago

For whatever reason.

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Patton loved it
The Man Who Would Be King loved it
Zorba the Greek—loved
The Lion in Winter—liked it a lot
Zoolander Mugatu

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Gran Torino. I’m not a big Eastwood fan. But Rick talked me into watching the movie and I did like it.

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The Hobbits
I joined my girlfriend, who’s mad about fantasy, and I was surprised that I liked it.

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For me it was Grand Budapest Hotel & it is now my favourite film ever.

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The Brother from Another Planet.

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The remake of Jumanji.

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I’m trying to think of the last time I watched a film I didn’t think I’d like, and I’m having a hard time. Probably as captive audience on an airplane… except I don’t remember that happening there either. Hmm.

Well, I re-watched The Spy Who Loved Me thinking I was going to find it far too fake for my current tastes, and was actually surprised at how it wasn’t too bad in that way. I think the bar of stupidity has fallen a lot thanks to all the dumb recent films.

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Joe Dirt. I thought it was a ridiculous concept, with a ridiculous plot.

I was wrong. Great movie. I have watched it several dozen times.

This when I lived in a huge house, with many roommates.

I didn’t think I would like Happy Gilmore either, because I hate golf. Great movie though. VERY funny.

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@tinyfaery Good one, same for me with that. I thought it was maybe one of those where they try too hard, but no.

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@Caravanfan Oh man, I second Jumanji, Out of the Jungle! It is freaking hilarious!!

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All the John wick series

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