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Who do you think would win a debate between Frankenstein's monster, Tarzan, and Tonto?

Asked by Brian1946 (29161points) November 8th, 2019

What would they debate?

What would be their preferred topics?

Can you imagine what they might say?

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“Survival skills in an unfriendly and inhospitable world.”

Frankenstein would whine – he would be a candidate to talk with a psychologist – he would say that no one realizes that he is indeed a gentle character and only acts the way he does because his personality is misunderstood and not appreciated.

Tarzan would grunt a lot and not say much of anything – although he may be capable in a jungle setting, he doesn’t have much intellectual depth oir much to say.

Tonto would beat them all – he comes from a rich historical culture with its own sophisticated language. His survival skills would also put him way ahead of the others.

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Tarzan not only educated himself into literacy as a child, but learned first French, then English with some facility. He then became highly educated when he went to England. In the process of an actual debate, he would likely win.
I refer to the character as Burroughs wrote him, not the popularized film character.

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Tonto, as an indian, could create a fire at the podium, scaring away Frankenstein.

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Interesting that only Indians have control over fire.

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Frankenstein’s monster, the original Mary Shelley version. That guy was brilliant.

Unless the subject had to do with Afriican wilderness, in which case Tarzan.

Or if the subject were about stereotyplical Native American lore, Tonto.

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“Frankenstein’s monster, the original Mary Shelley version. That guy was brilliant.”

Exactly. The creature is probably the most intelligent character in the entire book.

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Frankenstein is too loud and brutish with his opinion and people would tune that out.
Tarzan is too shrill with all that howling and would also be blocked out.
When the quiet one speaks, people listen. (Tonto’s mother told me that in a whisper )

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