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Would the birth registrar in your state allow Mr. and Mrs. Stein to name their baby Frank N. Stein?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30879points) November 8th, 2019

Or would that be disallowed?

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I live in California.
Doubt they’d even bat an eye.

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The U.S. is generally very loosey-goosey about baby names. That’s why people can create original names for their children or call them “Moon,” “Apple,” “Peace,” etc.

The standards aren’t the same in other countries. Some places have official lists and won’t accept any name that doesn’t comply. Year ago, I met a man named Miguel Frankenfeld; he, the son of a Holocaust survivor, had been born in a South American nation that required a Spanish name for every baby.

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Most likely yes.

The US is extremely lenient with baby naming. California had a law against accent marks, but they got rid of it a couple of years ago. Here is a Wikipedia link for naming laws.

I personally agree with the old law in CA to not allow accent marks and tildes.

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They don’t care here. You can even give them their own last name. It seems that I remember one couple who tried to name their son Adolph Hitler and that was declined. We have some really unusual names that have been approved

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I believe they would.

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The manager of a local grocery store was named Richard Head by his parents. All his employees call him by a different name

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@SEKA In Jr high I had a science teacher named Harold Hole.

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