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Can an emotional affair be with an ex sex partner?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) November 9th, 2019

Everyone says an emotional affair is without sex. What if it is with someone you already had sex with.They say my friend and I are having an emotional affair but I been had sex with him years ago.

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Hence the “emotional” moniker.

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You can call it an emotional affair or you can just call it an affair since you did have sex. The main point is that it’s not kosher to continue it.

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For crying out loud! Yes!

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According to some very liberal factions in our country it is perfectly OK to carry on, have relationships with and even marry household appliances. Ultimately this is a question that is between you and your moral conscious and no one else.

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Oh but sex is emotional, the wife often laughs duri…wait, what!?!

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It can be with anyone you choose.

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If you did not have sex before, and are not thinking of having sex now, how can an affair be called “emotional”?

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@crazyguy: She said she had sex with him before.

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Because there is no sex now in the past few years. It’s not an affair if there isn’t any sex and no one is seeing anyone because they live far away from each other.

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@honeybun35 I am thinking that to be called “an emotional affair” there has to be a thought of hooking up again. If there isn’t, then it is just a friendship.

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