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What, if anything, would you consider as your 'guilty pleasure'?

Asked by ucme (50037points) November 9th, 2019

Silly phrase I know, but It’s not my fault :D

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Definitely this
Has yours changed to dancing to the songs above??
your secrets safe with me

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I do not feel guilt.

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@lucillelucillelucille I actually liked Tarzan Boy when it came out & while I would never dance to it, I’d definitely blurt out my highly accurate Tarzan yell.

That I make no secret of, any bloody excuse!

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@ragingloli Again you lie, there was that one time back in the fall of 2015 when you gave me that GQ.

Yeah, you thought i’d forgotten about that didn’t you…you cheeky monkey :D

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Maybe we are cosmic twins!
Tarzan Boy is perfect to listen to on a rower. It’s my favorite “finisher”

On the other hand, I got over feeling guilty a couple of years ago. It wasn’t working for me.

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What, if anything, would you consider as your ‘guilty pleasure’?

Riffing off @ucme‘s sexually provocative double entendres and the concomitant paroxysms of ecstasy.

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Eating pasta with meat sauce while watching DVR, and basically accomplishing nothing all day.

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Nachos with that neon orange cheese and jalapeños. I’m not proud.

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Maybe the song “Redneck Yacht Club”. I’ve always liked it. :D

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This may not seem like an exciting one but, every once in a blue moon, I’d indulge in Haagen-Dazs vanilla bean bourbon ice cream while watching horror Movies, Sooo delish!!!

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