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What do you think about having a trash can inside of a kitchen cabinet?

Asked by JLeslie (65085points) November 10th, 2019 from iPhone

A lot of fancy kitchens have a cabinet for trash so you don’t have a visible trash can. I am not talking about keeping a small trash under the sink, but rather a specific trash cabinet that pulls out.

The problem with it, in my opinion and others, is if the trash smells or if food hits the inside of the cabinet, it’s not so easy to clean. When I have a trash can inside a cabinet I try hard not to let it get too full, and I’m careful in general, but other people who use your trash aren’t necessarily so careful. A solution could be to have a top on the trash inside the cabinet I guess, but that ruins the convenience of it. It is fabulous having a well placed trash cabinet. You can work on the counter and easily brush scraps into the trash without having to move.

Is a trash can in a cabinet ick to you, or do you think it’s great? If you were designing a kitchen where would you ideally have your trash?

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If it would have a lid that would close it shut really tight (like my external trash can has), I would like it.
Problem is, I had to sacrifice already sparse cabinet space.
I’d had to put pots and pans on the ground where the trash can used to stand…

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Having worked at a number of fast food restaurants, I have an unforgettable memory of the smell a cabinet amount of scrubbing or hosing helps after that bombardment settles in.
I don’t want any trash container that can’t be thrown out if is stinks after washing.

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It may be aesthetically pleasing but I find it annoying.

If i’m doing stuff where I’m throwing a lot out, like if I’m doing food prep or baking where I’m cutting the top off a bag, throwing out the box, wiping with a paper towel and throwing out the paper towel, doing lots of stuff that needs to be thrown out, it’s annoying to constantly have to open up a cabinet. If my hands are dirty or dripping wet, or I have something messy gathered in my two hands, it would be annoying to have to try to open the cabinet like that. Also possibly there would be dripping on the outside of the cabinet.

Maybe it would make sense if the kitchen is small and there’s not a space for a garbage can in a convenient location.

I understand some people don’t want to see the garbage can because it would ruin the look of their kitchen.

My kitchen garbage can is a stainless steel one with a pedal on it. It stays closed when not in use and it doesn’t have to be touched by hands in order to open.

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I guess I could learn to live with it if I had to. I just love to cook and have to have some bin type receptacle to toss discards and a hiding garbage bin would not be fun to have to constantly fuss with.

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I like it outside of a cabinet.I have one like @jca2 ‘s.

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It’s easier to throw trash into an exposed container, like from across the kitchen. (The wet garbage goes in a container under the sink.)

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@jca2 I still own a pretty stainless steel can from my house in Florida from years ago that is rarely used since I’ve had the trash in the cabinet.

The one think I actually like is when it’s in the cabinet, if it’s in the location I prep food, I just leave the trash open and I can literally wipe crumbs directly into the trash. It’s impossible to get a trash can close enough to do it without crumbs falling in between the counter and trash, but when it’s in the cabinet it’s perfect. I agree about not wanting to touch the cabinet with dirty hands, I just leave it open while I’m working.

Having said the positives, I still obviously have reservations about it too. My only reservation is the smell being inside of the cabinet. My trash rarely smells, but it does happen. Luckily, we have twice a week trash pick up here, but they are discussing changing it. Moreover, when I’m home alone, it takes me a long time to fill up the trash, so it can sit longer.

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I just keep a small trash can under my sink, like you mentioned. I take it out after dinner every night regardless of how little might be in it., unless we were gone all day and ate nothing in the house all day. Rare, but happens sometimes. I have a disposal so little grossness goes into it other than bones and that’s rare. I don’t like to eat meat with a bone in it. My contractor tried to talk me into the trash can cabinets with slide-out shelves. I said NO about 10 times; he wouldn’t stop trying to sell it. I can think of so many uses for that much cabinet space.

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My husband doesn’t want it, so I’m thinking I might only use it for recycle, and still have an exterior trash can. That way if we sell the house we have it if people want it.

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My daughter has two kids and sliding trash can cabinet. The inside is always dirty. I have cleaned it for her the last time.

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^^Oh Lord. I can’t imagine it with kids. I’m so careful, and I clean it constantly.

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