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Is it a good idea to wait 6 months before I get another tattoo?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) August 29th, 2008

I just turned 18 on the 4th and I already have 2 tattoos. My mother (who I no longer live with) suggested/told me that I should wait 6 months before getting another one. At first I mindlessly agreed after being under her rule for 17 years, but now I’m starting to wonder, if I have the money, why shouldn’t I get another one? Do you think there is some reasoning behind her suggestion? What do you think?

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I can’t think of a reason to wait, if you know what you want…maybe the 6 month goes with don’t swim for 1/2 hour after eating…don know…

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Did she ask you to wait on all of them? Maybe it’s a delaying tactic, hoping you’ll stop doing it. Or, maybe she thought you should put the money in a savings account, and work to build up a cushion for a rainy day.

I find your live for the moment attitude somewhat refreshing. Who me? No worries. Hey, here’s a shop. Never mind how good the needler is, or what kind or artistry he or she has, or what I want on my body, or what it means. Lemme get in there, and get my skin covered! Ah, to be 17 again.

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@daloon, that would make sense. Except my mom has 5 tattoos herself, haha.
I remember he saying, though, “You just turned 18 and you’re still young. I know you’re excited to get tattooed but just slow down.”

And thank you, haha. :) That’s exactly how I’ve done it, too!

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Yes. They’re INCREDIBLY addictive. I subscribe to the six month rule, it keeps me from doing anything stupid.

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Also, that is a lot of money. I told my kids to have at least 3 months expenses saved (hopefully more) before getting anything that’s not absolutely necessary.

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I have 8 tattoos, but I got them over a span of 11 years. Had I gotten every tattoo I ever wanted in the moment, I would have regrets; but as of now, I do not. Delirium is correct; tattoos are addictive. If you have something specific in mind, and you really want it, 6 months isn’t going to make a difference.

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She might just be saying that so you either don’t spend all your money or just so you don’t get a tattoo just to get one. Meaning one that you will regret years down the road. Other than that I don’t know why she would tell you that.

@delirium- yeah they are super addicting. I love them though

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You’re going to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life. Your mother is suggesting that you take time to think about what you want, rather than getting one impulsively and regretting it later. This is wise: if it’s something you really want, you’ll still want it in six months, but if it’s just something you’re doing on impulse, you’ll have long since forgotten it by then. Unless you have it permanently engraved into your skin, and then you’ll be stuck with it.

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They are SO addicting. But, the one I really want next is going on my chest and winter is coming up very soon so maybe waiting 6 months would be a good idea. That way, I can save up while still being able to pay for gas and food. :)
And you’re all right, if I really want it I will eventually get it. Thank you!

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My husband and I are almost 20 years older than you – but we wait between our tattoos, for a couple of reasons. We pick a design and hang it up. IF after several months, we still like them – not just like them, but are passionate about them, we will then get whatever we’ve picked. The money thing would have been an issue, 20 years ago – as far as having the money to pay for the tattoo and in a way, it still is an issue – only for one reason. We’re trying to teach our children restraint. Maybe she’s just trying to help you slow down and keep some money in your pocket!

I can’t get another one until 1 year after they declare remission! (I already have my design!!)

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hmmm…. i got my tongue pierced, ten minutes later at another studio, got my lips, two at once, and then one hour latter I got a tat. personally, its harder to heal when you get the needle four times in one day. I would wait until it is healed all the way. and then a week, your body is a magical thing, but it does not like it all the time

If you ever watch Miami Ink (is it still on?) when some one is getting a large piece, they don’t work on it until the session previous is healed. I would stick to thatbrunette

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@Scrumpulator…yeeeeeeeeeouch! All that in one day!! I’m actually surprised that the other people worked on you in the same day. We go to one place and one place only. The owner does our work, but will not allow multiple things to be done because of the stress on the body.

I’m pretty good about pain, but I must be a wuss compared to you!

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I’ve got three… far….;-)

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I wait until they’re fully healed… simply because a) getting tattooed is tiring for me, and b) the aftercare and pain is ANNOYING.

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Do telll, Poofandmook——where do you get these um….tatoos?

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I have 13 tattoos. 4 on my legs, 3 on my back, 2 on my neck, 2 on my arm, 1 on my foot, and 1 on my chest. I live in New Jersey, and my artist is in Brooklyn. So you take the drive there which is physically draining, the drain of the tattoo, and then the drain of the drive home WITH the tattoo… it’s just tiring.

As far as aftercare, it’s annoying not staining clothing or bedding, and it hurts way worse the first two days than it did getting it. Bah.

But I love them.

What were you implying, Seeker?

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Oh! I once saw a…well never mind. I can see why that would be tiring…

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oh. NO. I would never!!

I got a piercing and a tattoo for the first few visits, ugh, that’s the worst thing ever. I’m going at the end of October for #14 and I’m going to ask him to buzz at one of the ones on my neck that’s almost totally faded (it’s light pink with no outline, so now it sort of looks like a brand), and I know that’s going to be a giant pain in the rump.

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Ouch, the neck seems like that would hurt ‘fersure.’ No your pain in the neck should not cause a pain in the rump! If it does, take two aspirin and call Fluther in the am. ;-)

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actually, Seeker, the two on my neck hurt the least out of all of them.

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She is probably just wanting you to think it through, and not get something you may regret later. Thats how moms are.

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