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Can Walmart track gift cards? What if they are used online? If a store, itself, can track gift cards?

Asked by Wolf20 (12points) November 10th, 2019 from iPhone

Lost/Stolen gift card! Just need an answer cause Walmart isn’t any help!

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If they can, they won’t bother. We had bank cards stolen, and the thieves used them to buy many hundreds of dollars in gift cards. I tried every which way to get Walmart to help me apprehend the thieves. Nope.

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They maybe could research where the card was used. They might have video of the person using it. I don’t know if their system can do it easily. Maybe call their headquarters and ask.

@snowberry The police should have helped. In NYC the cops there arrested the person using my aunts stolen card. In Florida they wouldn’t do anything, and there was video evidence.

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@JLeslie yep. There was no profit for either the police or Walmart in apprehending the thieves so they let it go. There was video evidence with us too. Walmart doesn’t care because the bank ate the cost. The police didn’t have any motivation to track the thieves because the thieves were traveling.

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Walmart probably can’t, but the issuing bank can. Except if you lost the card you won’t have the name of the issuing bank.

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Gift cards aren’t tracked. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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To kind of agree with@janbb, gift cards are usually thought of like cash, you lose and too bad. But, if it was stolen it’s a little different if you can prove it was stolen.

This is why I try to spend my gift cards right away. I hate them sitting in my wallet.

Sorry that you’re out that money. That sucks.

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Gift cards are treated like cash – they’re not registered to anyone. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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I know WalMart does a GREAT job of tracking them within the store (video, etc.), but I can’t speak to online use.

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Yeah Walmart won’t be any help. Them and most stores won’t replace lost or stolen gift cards. Most say on the back to treat them as you would cash. I’m so sorry it’s gone :(

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