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What's the first step you take before moving to a new state?

Asked by Xmax21 (14points) July 30th, 2007 from iPhone
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I would say find a place? Followed by finding a job. But that's so common sense. I thought about leaving Cali and going to Oregon. I visited and than realized it wasn't for me. Why you leaving?

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yeah I thought finding a place first would be nice but what it can't find a good job or a nice paying job. Also don't you want to live close to work. I was thinking of moving to north Carolina. Have you been there?

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Step 1. Make sure that it is NOT Louisiana

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Job is important. And check out areas where you would like to live and if possible in a different season.

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As someone who moved all the way across the country a few years ago, my first step was to find a job *before* I committed to moving. This was complicated to do, but after using some networking and connections I managed to line up the job first, so at least I knew I could pay for the move. I moved out to California a couple weeks before the job started, so that I could find housing. One thing that helps is to network with friends of friends to see if you can find some contacts before you move, so you aren't completely alone in a new city without knowing anyone. I managed to find a great place to live on Craigslist, which is a good resource if you are moving to a big city (doesn't work in rural areas).

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1) job 2) place to live

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people people people. if you find friends than the job and living situation becomes much easier. i found a great circle of friends out in LA and it's made all the difference.

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thank you everyone for your responds. I have one friend in the area so I guess I can call her up. I'll start job hunting first and once that's secure Ill then look for a place near the house.

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