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What is the Superpower of the Jelly above you?

Asked by Coolhandluke (1380points) 1 month ago

And how would that power benefit you?

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Above me how? Where?
I’m not under a jelly currently. Gimme some time. :-D

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@stanleybmanly me. I’m above you.

@Patty_Melt the Jelly that is above you; Stanley.

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@Patty_Melt are you being, naughty?

Brian1946's avatar

^ The ability to cloud the minds of those who reply to his challenge.

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Well, now both of you are above me. How naughty is that? Yeah, I’m feeling playful today.

Stanley’s superpower is his ability to observe a turkey boil explosion with cool indifference.

Coolhandluke’s superpower is his ability to spot a “fresh” attitude.

I guess my benefit is the entertainment I get from them both.

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Apparently @Patty_Melt has the ability to hover.
That would come in handy for dusting the ceiling.

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Well obviously your superpower is about your ability to keep whatever it is a secret from me. Congratulations!

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The Jelly above me, my friend @stanleybmanly, is the superhero known as Succinctness Man. He always writes something brief yet erudite.

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Make ice cubes out of warm water ?

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@Tropical_Willie Your super power is that you can pull money out from under your bed whenever you need it. $20 bill max (no Bennies) and you can do it as many times you want.

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The royal superpower above allows me a knighthood.
Arise Sir ucme…could get used to that.

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The superpower of the one above me is an ability to choose either putting a lady in a fit of giggles, or feisty hot in 0.3 seconds.

ucme's avatar

Hot enough to Melt?

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The superpower of the jelly above me, is that she is virtually indestructable, as well as very smart and talented.
That benefits me because she has a ton of great stories about almost everything, and she’s a good friend.

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@KNOWITALL‘s super power is her lazer beams shooting out of her eyes vaporizing all that they touch. Her only problem is she has yet to figure out how to turn them off so best to keep a safe distance.

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@Vignette And they can benefit you because if you’re my friend, I will vaporize your enemies for you no questions asked. :) Thx.

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She can identify any lethal poison by taste.

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Has the ability to write two words and make you see images in your mind’s eye that you wished you hadn’t.

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Can heal any disease in another person, however, he must consume a fleshy body part of the patient to do it.

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@ragingloli: Can transform into a multi-tentacled, 4-year-old girl whose enormous, fruit-flavored sucker can wield lightening and call down strawberry rain on command. She wears a dress patterned with tiny, purple dildos and cremecicle-orange edging.

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Switches gender everytime he has been asleep for more than 4 hours.

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^Can simultaneously impregnate 10 males and/or females of different species with its tentacles.

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Can time travel boost anyone but himself.

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I don’t understand the question.

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^ Strong enough to carry me out of a burning house.

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^Depends on how much you weigh, and how many flights of stairs. But it probably doesn’t matter. I’d get you out Patty, or die trying….

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Lucky for all of us, they don’t defecate or urinate. Not here anyways…
That’s pretty super in MY book!

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