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In the experience of the OBErs (Out-of-Body Experiencers) and NDErs (Near-Death Experiencers), what can they advise about the Void in the afterlife that a person happens to encounter in said OBE/NDE?

Asked by luigirovatti (2191points) November 11th, 2019

Forgive my, let’s say, rudeness, but I’m less interested in a hellish NDE (I mean, with fiery pit, demons with tridents, a bit like Dante, you know) than in a void “devoid”, let’s say, of sound, of company, of light, etc. I hope you understand. But make no mistake. I don’t mean really a peaceful void, the one that takes you to a sleep state, but a hell-like void, oppressive, which closes around you, which leaves you no more escape. Please, bear with me, I have one more request: if at all possible, I’d like the NDErs that answer not be suiciders, for two reasons: I have already done enough research to know that suiciders are the ones that, with every probability, get it the most, so: 1) don’t kill myself is easy enough to do; 2) I have enough with the suicide topic enough as it already is.

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The time I died there was nothing. Someone slipped me a mickey. I didn’t know anything about dying until the next day when I woke up in someone else’s shirt. I had a rescuer who kept me from the dopers, and discovered I had choked on vomit. I had no pulse. They didn’t want to be in trouble. My rescuer resuscitated me and changed my shirt.

When he told me I was dead until he got to me, I told him he didn’t have to. I said I wasn’t aware of being dead, so there was no regret, and if it were reversed, I wouldn’t want to give mouth to mouth to someone with vomit in their mouth.

My brutal honesty is a put off for a lot of people.

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There was nothing.

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As a sidenote, I might add that the most popular perspective of not-NDE/OBErs is that people who have the Void have done something dark to deserve it, but I don’t think that’s the same for everyone.

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There will be not many “suiciders” responding, I think.

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I flatlined in 2011 when shot in a robbery. Although my last thoughts were bargaining with God that there were several people who needed me for their own survival and would be crushed by my death—I cannot report any actual any afterlife or NDE although I DO believe in what comes after death.

The hellish and oppressive void kind of thing you describe is something I have experienced in bad lucid dreams that feel like / could be out of body experiences, but associated, by me, as a stage of sleep to be avoided. When I “go there” I feel I will never awaken if I loose my hold on this world. But I think its more related to sleep or unconsciousness.

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When I passed out at 17 years old all I felt were breasts. When I came two I was in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Another time when I fell in the river in spring run off I saw the Star Trek flash when the warp drive was activated. The light lead me out from under the ice and to freedom.

Star trek warp blue again when I was electrocuted playing around with the light socket, connecting the circuit with a metal key outside, and then turning on the power. I woke up 30 minutes later. Best sleep that I ever had.

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It is truly amazing what the brain can come up with when deprived of oxygen and blood.
To answer the question, it is just a figment of the imagination.

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I know two people who have had NDEs and are adamant they were real. I never have had one. A couple times I fainted and there was nothing, just came to and suddenly I popped back into existence. It was a literal void for several moments.

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I tried an OBE once. I never went to sleep and there was no void. I just opened my eyes and was at the ceiling. It startled me and I went right back down to my body.

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Fell down a set of stairs ( tripped by someone) as grade 9 classmates were running together to get to class in time.
Landed on the floor below, blacked out, but heard everything and understood everybody’s thoughts!
I realize now that it was a OBE but at age 14 years old , didn’t understand it then.

After I asked where Mrs____ was ? She was a school nurse who was at that school for years but we hadn’t seen her?
( apparently she passed on earlier and I wasn’t aware of it).
It was her that was comforting me and telling me softly to stay calm and stay on the floor as the rest of the classmates left for the classroom.

More importantly was the fact that I tapped into what some were thinking.

That is when I realized that the person that deliberately tripped me was a family member who was envious.
I understood how she really felt as she felt undervalued by others.
We were very close but I realized her negative outlook included getting me out of the way?
That changed our closeness from then on, and she continued to cause problems throughout our lifetime. I cut off all communication since no amount to counselling for years to help her accept herself and not compare nor blame others .

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