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What are 10 things that aren't worth it?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (10175points) 1 month ago

I’ll post my own list as the first answer, and I look forward to reading yours.

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Drugs, alchohol, cigarettes, apple products, starbucks, expensive phones, large televisions, cars, expensive clothes, children.

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1. Trying to reason with someone who’s being irrational.

2. Trying to placate a bully. Bullies can smell blood, and they view sanity and decency as weaknesses. The only solutions are (a) retreat and avoid, or, if that’s not possible, (b) stand your ground and fight back.

3. Road rage. Nothing good comes from this. If another driver’s causing trouble, just slow down and let the person move onward. That individual is officially out of your life and no longer your problem.

4. Fad diets. There’s no food or beverage that will magically “melt fat” or “speed metabolism.” The only valid formula is consume fewer calories than expended.

5. Designer clothing and accessories. The best-dressed, most attractive people have a sense of style, not a love of hefty price tags. They know how to recognize quality and carry themselves with confidence.

6. Complaining. Nobody cares, and you make yourself insufferable.

7. Luxury toiletries and cosmetics. Such items have the same ingredients as the products sold on store racks, but at multiple times the price.

8. Drinking excessively. There’s no problem in life that can’t be made worse by pouring alcohol over it.

9. Letting someone waste your time. If you have friends who are chronically late and always keep you waiting, they’re draining precious moments from you. When you know that someone’s embarked on a long, tedious monologue that you don’t want to hear, suddenly look at your watch and need to be elsewhere. Time is the most precious commodity, and it can’t be regained after it’s been lost.

10. Co-showering. One of my personal pet peeves! This always looks sexy and romantic in movies. The reality – the space is cramped, and you need to stand around and wait for your turn under the water. I prefer to think and get clean in the shower, not flirt and act pleased about sharing the 10-or-so square feet.

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Marvel comic movies
Chocolate covered pretzels
Egg McMuffins
Political arguments
Reality TV shows
Gangsta rap
Fried Oreos
Tolerating bigots
Expensive watches
Sexy clothing for little girls

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The Brady Bunch
Laverne & Shirley

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1. Trading your car in for a camel
2. Eating soup with a fork
3.Wearing a thong backwards
4.Trying to reason with an angry goat
5.Being that angry goat
6.Smelling like a goat
7.Hanging around with goats that are unkind
8.Listening to goats b1tch
9.Taking any advice from a goat
10.Eating a Greek salad without feta cheese

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Purses and shoes over $500 each.
Cars over 50K dollars
Spending a fortune on new clothes to attend a church you can’t stand
Owning several large inside dogs (love them all but it’s just too much)
Cigarette habit ; expensive liquor
Designer clothing that makes THEM even richer-forget it
Hair extensions that hang down your chest and look fake
Sterling silver that needs to be polished (jewelry ok)
Cheap cruises( well, acc to my ex MIL ; use Holland America!)
Botox that collapses under the skin and makes you look OLDER
Trying to get the best of a cop; running from cops

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1. Marriage
2. Fancy degree
3. Big house
4. Designer clothes
5. Nice car
6. Street drugs
7. Money over experience
8. Time wasters
9. Paying people to do things you can do
10. Cats

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Good Q. I’ll answer tomorrow.

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Lucy has some grudge about goats. What’s that?

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@Patty_Melt —I do. They remind me of people I can’t stand-XD

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I also second doggy on fad diets…diets in general.

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10 items @ 10 cents each for $1.10

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Paper plates. Most of the time they become too contaminated to recycle and they wind up in the land fill.

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1, holding a grudge
2. regretting things in the past
3, arguing in anger
4. following fashion
5. paying someone to do what you can do yourself
6.eating unhealthy foods
7. avoiding financial planning
8. answering this question
9. telling grandkids to quiet down
10. wrapping presents.

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“Telling grandkids to quiet down…” you just made my week @ YARNLADY!!!

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Marvel comic movies
Chocolate covered pretzels
Egg McMuffins


@janbb: Penguin my penguin. You slay me. Can we even be friends now? #crushed

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@cookieman But, but, but——- I bake cookies for you! Please?

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I’m willing to let the pretzels and McMuffin go, but we gotta watch just one Marvel movie together. Out of 23, there’s sure to one you’ll kinda, sorta enjoy.

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^^ Deal. I’ll bring the cookies and the cozy blanket.

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Wrapping presents is a good one. I HATE wrapping presents. Rick does the wrapping around here. He is so meticulous, they are like works of art.

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You know what is pointless? Carefully unwrapping presents, operating under the delusion that you are going to reuse it.

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It wasn’t a delusion for me! I couldn’t afford something so frivolous as wrapping paper so I reused a LOT of wrapping paper. Hell, we used the comics section out of the newspaper to wrap presents.
When my son was about 4 he gave me a Mother’s Day present that he had so carefully wrapped himself, making a choice selection from the newspaper. I had to laugh when I saw it….it was a picture of a very pretty lady. It was an ad for a strip bar in Wichita called Jezebels. I kept that for a long, long, long time.

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We give and reuse gift bags several times over.

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I feel like a lazy cheater using gift bags! But I still do it.

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A little one gallon shop vac that you attach to your car battery to run!

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doctors that shouldn’t have degrees
health insurance that pays nothing
wearing shoes that hurt your feet for the “look”
staying married to someone that refuses counseling
allowing others to steal your joy
taking a ton of vitamins everyday
interest rates on credit cards
having cancer
Christmas that is so commercialized

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1. Staying in a toxic relationship with someone just because they’re family.

2. Buying a brand new car.

3. Tissues and toilet paper.

4. Cheap coffee.

5. Bumper stickers.

6. Living in the past.

7. Fake eyelashes.

8. Anti-aging products and procedures.

9. Procrastination.

10. Getting mad at inanimate objects.

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What do you suggest we use in place of tissues and toilet paper @cookieman?

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Toilet paper in place of tissue paper.

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@Dutchess: Not in place of. Either/or. Meaning: TP alone does a fine job of wiping your tuchas and blowing your schnoz. No need for both.

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I assumed since tissue paper is way more expensive than toilet paper. Guess I’m just stingy. :P

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OIC. Yes. We don’t even have tissue paper in the house. Yes, we use TP for runny noses and such. (TP normally stands for Toilet Paper, but I can see how it can be confused with Tissue Paper in this context. :)

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It comes off the same paper machines using the same paper fiber anyway. When I worked in a TP plant if you sent the large parent roll to the right you got TP, if you sent it to the left it was made into tissue.

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Oh! Came up with 2 more.
Making nonfat food immitations of food that are only good because of the fat content, like sour cream.
Ditto sugar free.

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