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Do you think Sean Spicer lasting so long on Dancing With The Stars is an indication of how close the presidential race is going to be?

Asked by JLeslie (58153points) 1 month ago from iPhone

He didn’t dance very well, and the judges were obviously disappointed he stayed week after week.

I personally wasn’t very upset he lasted so long, I think a lot of people were incredibly mean with how they spoke about him. It’s a dance show that partly relies on the public voting. Popularity has always been a part of the contest. Plus, he did improve over time.

Serious and not so serious answers welcome.

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Sean is ratings gold for this aging show and Tom and the judges are falling all over themselves because the fans want more Sean.

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I don’t really know what you guys are talking about but I can’t imagine wanting more Sean Spicer. Seriously.

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Entertainment shows like that & politics, as evidenced every day on these pages, are gladiatorial by nature & so reactions are always overblown.

The guy volunteered for such a spectacle & therefore must be prepared to face the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune.
As I say, the nature of the beast.

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No, I think people did that for entertainment and to make a fool out of him. I do think the judges were hard on him.

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@chyna So, you think people who don’t like him or his politics were voting to keep him in? I hadn’t thought of that.

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Yes, because clearly the audience didn’t like him. They didn’t clap and cheer for him like they did for all the other dancers.

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@chyna Just a quick point to your comment in that any applause or lack thereof is entirely by the direction of the program director hence the cue cards and applause signs you may have seen on other live show. So if you are hearing applause it is because the audience is cued to clap. Of or you don’t hear applause it is because that is the message impression the show wants the audience at home to see/hear. Plus there is the unlimited of post taping editing that the producers of the show can do to again promote what they want you to see and hear. The ONLY reason Spicer is still on is he is consistently pulling in ratings no one ever expected and they would be fools to not ride his gravy train.

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He got voted off last night.

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@chyna Aw geez…next time could you put spoiler alert first. I recorded the show to watch later today.

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Oh no!!! I’m sorry.

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@chyna Just messin with you. I would not be surprised if the show told him to stop dancing as good as he was and clutz it up some more so they could finally justify getting rid of him. He seemed over the top 2 left footed last night. Fun while it lasted. Their choice of costumes for him was hilarious!

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Loved the lime green ruffled shirt he wore the first night!

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You’re picking up on the comment that Trump Jr made last night, as amplified by his father the orange bimbo.

All I can say is that this is purely irrelevant to the imposter in the white house.

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I’d love to see Trump on that show, looks like he’d love the tango.

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