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What "flavor" is Mountain Dew?

Asked by andrew (16353points) August 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Other than “green-yellow”?

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Is YUCK a flavor? :)

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Opps, hit enter too soon!

Seriously, everytime I have a certain medical test done, the stuff they make me drink tastes like flat Mountain Dew. I don’t even like the stuff when it’s not flat.

great, my stomach is turning now!

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Citrus-flavored, specifically concentrated orange juice and other natural flavors.

That, and FD & C Yellow #5, of course.

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I think it’s allegedly a citrus flavor. But, like Cak, I find it to be disgusting. Kind of like yellow or green Jell-O. Ick

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I taste melon flavor personally. I like Mountain Dew, and Cactus Cooler too.

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Citrus Mountain Sport?

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@tedibear…ick…you just made my stomach turn! Yellow jello…yuck!

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lemon-lime. on crack ;)

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Something like citrus blend.

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Sorry, cak! When my mom was hospitalized she had the same reaction to green jello. She would order jello, it would always be green. We finally had to take her some cherry jello!

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but green jello is the best!

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“I’m all jacked up on mountain dew!”...

I actually prefer mountain dew code red.

Regular mountain dew tastes like sprite/sierra mist but more citrusy and carbonated.

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@surlygirl – You and my husband with this green jello thing! It’s kind of like liver, I’ll cook it for him but I won’t eat it! LoL.

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I like mountain dew, but when I drink it while eating a PB and J, I get sick.

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Plastic what?

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Martian Fart (is that a flavor?)

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Great were going with strangeness now.

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Isnt it “dew-flavored”? I think it’s like lemon-lime based with orange juice and other “natural” flavors. I like the Code Red. Adding that hint of cherry and cancer causing red dye #5 really makes for a great tasting high fructose beverage!

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Plastic flavor.

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ewww. gross

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it tastes like yum.

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Bubble gum?

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When they drink the ram’s piss in Beerfest, it looks kind of like Mountain Dew! I think there is a reason for that.

Does anybody remember Pitch Black? That stuff was incredible. Grape soda done right!

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i love Mountain Dew

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Flat, warm, lime. But a nice pick-me-up, indeed.

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Sugar flavor. With a little “mountain” on top.

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Sorry. No sugar. It’s high fructose corn syrup flavored.

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That’s it! Karo! I knew there was a hint ‘o popcorn-ball in there.

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Its flavor can only be described as AWESOME. mmmmmmm

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