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If I have a big idea that I think is valuable should I see google it?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) November 12th, 2019

Let’s say you’ve thought of something that would generate a fortune. Maybe it is already being done, or being done poorly. Maybe it is an idea that is already protected by corporations with huge law budgets, patents, trademarks, and the works.

Is googling it going to potentially give-a-way the idea to secret snoops who work at google who are searching for really interesting search terms.

Sure, the amount of traffic that they get would make it difficult to sort that, but maybe they have AI working on farming these searches into little piles that then get human review. Like, let’s say they want everything that involves electric vehicles and robots. They can just group those all into a bundle, and see which ones have never been searched or don’t exactly match with common themes.

Just an example.

Personally, I think the only time to share your idea is after your issued your provisional patent. Or, maybe even have manufacturing contracts for a product lined up. But, maybe some heartache could be avoided if it were safe to just google what’s out there. Thoughts?

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Don’t google it. Use DuckDuckGo.

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One of my best decisions has been using DuckDuckGo! I was hesitant to jump into DDG; but once I tried it, it has given me total piece of mind. GA @LuckyGuy

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Best thing to do is to post mark the idea so no one can steal the idea from you. Or have the idea (on paper) notarized. Or do a patent search to see if any one before you had the same idea.

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If you idea is so fragile that simply hearing about it would ruin it for you, then your idea isn’t as spectacular as you think it is. Ideas that aren’t executed are worthless, and execution is the hard part. I have dozens of good-to-great ideas that are more-or-less worthless because I haven’t executed them. Ideas are the easy part.

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@Sagacious well, that about sums it up…

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