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Is a more expensive shrimp deveiner worth the money?

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Well to answer your question, in the most direct way possible, stainless steel cost more money to manufacture then basic plastic model. So yes, the more expensive shrimp deveiner is worth the money, seeing as how metal cost more then plastic.

But if you want to go for what you can get out of these, the plastic one if you take good care of it can be passed down through your family for 1000’s of years. the stainless steel one.

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I never understood the need. A small shrimp fork works wonders. But, yes. The more expensive versions generally work much better then cheapies.

Why do people get creeped out by the shrimp “vein”? I mean shrimp don’t eat garbage. They eat stuff we would eat it if were big enough. Plus, the shrimp is cooked so the vein is harmless.

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I just use a small knife for deveining, and I’ve done a lot of it. I never saw a need for the specialized tool you can only use for one thing. Besides, if you want to devein and leave the tail on you don’t end up using a deveiner anyway.

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both items look evil. O_o

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I just use a fork. Doesn’t cost any more, and when I’ve visited friends that spend money on those things I give up and just get a fork.

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I used to “butterfly” 20–60 lbs. o f21/25 raw shrimp every day. A de-veiner will end up in the JUNK DRAWER. A sharp chefs knife(size depends on what your comfortable with) or a good paring knife and a good cutting board (and you already have both, right?)
this is the first video I found and its ok, but not the way I do it, she rips the tails off and goes in from the top, which is ok if only have a half pound. I and most trained chefs do it sideways, head to tail,cut ‘em all,wash ‘em all. Please don’t overcook. The stuff in the veins won’t hurt you anyway(unless your iodine sensitive)

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