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If you were Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden, would you be pissed off that Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick are entering the Democratic race?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27520points) 2 months ago

If I were one of the ‘early’ candidates I would be livid. They had to go through those useless debates which proved nothing.

What does this say about the current ‘early’ candidates if the Democratic party has to get mature adults in there that have a chance of being elected?

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I would not be pissed. People can enter or leave a race when they please.

I don’t really relate to or even understand what you mean in your perspectives in the question details.

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No. The point is to replace Trump with a viable Democrat replacement. May the best person win!

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@kritiper “May the best person win!”

I completely agree. The primary should be a “survival of the fittest” contest. When the DNC put their thumb on the scale for Clinton in 2016, we saw first-hand how not electing the strongest candidate leads to failure.

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If trump in the WH alone isn’t enough to make all Democratic voters show up in full force and more next year, a hundred and one more reasons complicating the Democratic opposition wouldn’t matter.

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@mazingerz88 “If trump in the WH alone isn’t enough to make all Democratic voters show up”

People don’t turn out to vote AGAINST something/someone. They turn out to vote FOR something/someone they believe in. If the DNC puts up another pro-corporate, Republican-lite candidate, I’m most-likely going to vote 3rd party again, especially if they rig the primary again.

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@gorillapaws That would be a shame. I have pledged to vote against tyranny, whomever the candidate is. And I hate the corporate shills but think this time defeating a despot is that important.

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If I was any of those 3, I would be relieved and so will America. Who ever is chosen to go up against Trump will be in for the ride of their lives and the less baggage that candidate has the better chance they will have.

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That’s fine @gorillapaws, that’s Democracy. But there are people who do vote and whose only reason for voting is to get rid of someone. If trump gets re-elected, hey that’s life.

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I would be upset if I were Biden, because he is the one that these moderate candidates are going to be taking votes from.

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@LostInParadise The only time one may need to worry about how many candidates are running for the post is in the primaries, not the general election.

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@LostInParadise They actually may pull from Warren voters. She seems to be picking up the wealthier, white demographic as the “Harvard Professor-with-a-plan” approach, despite being closer to Bernie on some policies.

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