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What if student loans can be inherited?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15852points) 3 weeks ago

To next of kin? Wouldn’t that suck? Humor and serious answers welcome. Sorry for giving the government ideas.

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When babies were born, their parents would slap them on the ass and say “Suckah!”

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Idea that nightmares are made of

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The debt doesn’t go away just because you die. Your estate will have to pay your debts.

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^Following up on that, debt is inherited in the sense that it is deducted from any money that you plan to have people inherit.

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See above. This is the fallacy of “debt forgiveness”. It doesn’t just go away. Somebody is going to pay it. Whether it is your heirs, or a taxpayer. Somebody is going to have to pay it.

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