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Why aren't well known Republicans running against Trump?

Asked by filmfann (48456points) November 14th, 2019

He’s getting hammered by the impeachment hearings.
He has violated many traditional Republican talking points, from his increased spending, greater debt, pro-Russian stance, not to mention his past affairs with porn stars, infidelity in his marriages.
Who would you like to see oppose him?

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The smart ones are keeping their powder dry until 2024.

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Why would they?

If Trump had not kept his campaign promises. or failed to deliver, or turned out to be unlike the way we were led to believe before the 2016 election, you could expect his nomination to be challenged. But I don’t know any voters who have a different viewpoint than what they had in 2016.

Oh, and BTW he he not getting “hammered” in the impeachment hearings. The Dems are hammering themselves, which has zero Republican support. So that might tell you why no republicans are running against Trump.

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^ EXCUSE ME…Here’s a voter who has a different viewpoint than I had in 2016. I knew he was going to be bad, but had NO idea how bad he could really get!!!

I hope any Rep challengers are just waiting for him to implode before stepping in to save the day!!! Even Kanye has postponed his run for president until 2024…guess he’s scared of him too!!!

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Love him or hate him, and it is easy to hate him, unless the Democrats do something about their slate of candidates he is probably going to win in 2020. And they may lose the HOR.
Why would a Republican interfere?

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Republicans wouldn’t run against a non-Republican who is a Russian stooge. trump and his voters aren’t really Republicans. They’re something else. Just ask former Republican Party members.

Someday Americans would see trump’s Presidency as nothing but a time of treason against the USA and small-minded fixation with a wall. A wall. While Putin and Erdogan play trump like a marionette. And this was ALL in the open in plain sight.

Americans are distracted by walls, hatred of illegal immigrants, hatred of their own government, lack of health insurance, jobs and…smartphones. Very un-American imo. Where’s the great American vision of the 21st century?

Makes me wonder what the Chinese aren’t doing to make trump do their bidding. Oh wait. They don’t have a sex tape of trump.

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The Dems are getting hammered after they call recess, at that bar down the street.
I can’t blame them. They are presenting a great image for why we can’t believe a word they say.

I guess I won’t be wearing my name tag at the fluther party.

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Trump may be rich but he still needs endorsements (meaning money and campaign help) from organizations. The Republican party and these organizations are going to pick one candidate and zero in with their support.

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Trump has captured the soul of the Republican party. He has something like a 90% approval rating among Republicans. Evangelicals love him. His stances on taxes, abortion, religious rights and immigration are completely in line with the party. The only thing that could hurt him is the economy, which so far has been doing okay.

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Doing okay? Every event the news shows green arrows on the stock reports.
The area where I live there is an excess of job openings, but nobody is unemployed. Apprenticeships are being offered everywhere.
Even the artists have jobs.
I don’t follow real estate news, but I’m not hearing anything bad come up.

I know of two Republicans right now who can have my vote in 24 if they ask for it. The president isn’t leaving before then. He is all settled in and all the chair cushions have conformed to the shape of his butt.

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I still want to know how the original poster, @filmfann , can justify his statement that Trump is getting “hammered” in the “impeachment “hearings.

Trump is not allowed to attend. so he isn’t even there. Nor are his representatives allowed to be there, nor legal counsel. witnesses etc etc Republicans can’t do anything without the permission of Adam Schitt.

This is a totally one-sided spectacle that does not amount to anything but hearing about people’s feelings for an event that never happened, and no one but the U,S, democrats are saying did. Anyone in Ukraine alleging anything? Does the transcript support it?

Might as well impeach the president because the sky is a kangaroo.

But Trump isn’t getting “hammered: because there is nothing there, including Trump, nor anyone who even met Trump.

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^^Great comedic post. LOL

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Tell me, then, how is Trump getting ‘hammered’ if he is not even allowed to attend?

You can’t be hammered if you aren’t present.

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^ Oh, he’s allowed to attend; but like many others, the White House won’t allow it!!! They already have a special chair for him when he grows a pair!!!

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He’s busy being president.

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@Yellowdog: You can get “hammered” even if you are not in attendance. Have you ever heard the phrase “_______ is getting hammered in the press?” For example “Matt Lauer is getting hammered in the press?” Obviously, Matt Lauer is not present at “the press.” It means the person is getting beaten up in a metaphorical way.

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