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What do you think about the Hallmark Christmas movies?

Asked by chyna (43895points) 3 weeks ago

As asked.

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I love Hallmark movies.

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Not my cup of hot chocolate.

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Crock, of shit….

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Like their cards, there are millions, and two or three work for me.

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I love the familiar, happy ending themes It’s like listening to the same Christmas music every year

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

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I think they’re awful. But sometimes in that so-awful-they’re-good-again-kind-of way.

My SIL loves them though. So now I have an affection association with hallmark movies and having my in-laws visiting (whose company I actually enjoy).

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I like some of them. Debbie Macomber is an author that I enjoy, and some of her stuff is on there. It’s kind of like comfort food TV.

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I had an idea for a movie, and didn’t finish a script. Years later, I found several elements of my story in several recent movies, including one from Hallmark, which I found very sweet.
But my idea was better.

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What was idea @filmfann? Which movie.

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I don’t watch Christmas movies but it’s simply because Christmas is a religious holiday for us. We don’t seek Christmas “entertainment.”

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I am not aware of this thing you speak of, but a poor xmas movie is like your mil naked…not something you want to see.

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Never heard of them.

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I belong to pretty hard to get into TV pirate site. They have a section for just Hallmark stuff that is broadcasted to the net through torrents. Hallmark stuff gets around as much activity as “Carol’s Second Act”, a prime-time show currently airing on CBS. I can think of some people that should be looking for new jobs at CBS.

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I think my wife watches every single one of them. Our DVR is chock-full of Hallmark Movies — and it’s not just Christmas. They run seasonal movies year ‘round. After Christmas, it’ll be two months of Valentine’s movies, then Spring and Easter themes, then Summer romance and Christmas-in-July, then Autumn themes, and back around to Christmas.

She loves the warmth and predictability of them. Total comfort food entertainment.

My daughter just bought her a “This is my Hallmark Movie watching” mug.

Filmed mostly in Canada, they present a modern version of Norman Rockwell, small town, Americana that probably didn’t really exist for most people. It’s a total fiction, but it’s oddly comforting in an idealized way.

They’re problematic as the acting/writing quality ranges from daytime soap opera bad to generally good and the plots are 99% predictable. Also, all the lead actors are attractive, vaguely Christian, white people. All minorities and older people are relegated to supporting actors or background extras.

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My wife watches these constantly and well, they’re addictive. Even for me.

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I watch them now and then. I think mostly they are easy to predict Christmas stories of family and friends helping each other. It’s nice to watch happy stories. Sometimes they are a little too sickening sweet, or even boring.

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I have an impression that it could be called the Hallmark/Lori Loughlin channel.

Is it true that in half of those movies, her character is married to the son of Santa Claus? ;-o

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The last Christmas movie I enjoyed was ELF with Will Farrel. At 51 I’m done with Christmas movies I think. Wouldn’t mind revisiting a few Christmas animated films though.

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