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Having a birthday on or near Christmas Day, anyone got any experience of that?

Asked by ucme (50034points) November 16th, 2019

My younger brother has a birthday 2 days before the big event & my wife’s dad (rip) was on Christmas Day itself.

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My sister’s is a few days before Christmas and that is why she gets Santa hat combo gifts.

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Never combine them IN ANY WAY! Like birthday/Christmas cards. That’s too easy. And lazy. Keep them separate and keep the birthday special. (My mom’s birthday was just before Christmas and I base my comments here on her gripes on the subject.)

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My nephew’s is Dec 27. When he was in grade school, his birthday was always celebrated in February.

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My younger brother has a birthday on Dec 23rd, when he was a kid he’d get another day to celebrate rather than clash with Christmas & so, my mum, in all her wisdom, chose this unofficial birthday to be the same as the Queen, mid June if memory serves.
Me & my elder brother were left gobsmacked by this & would mock him mercilessly with comments like ” what did his majesty get for his special day?”

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My younger sis’s b-day is Dec 26th. She has always gotten the short end of the stick for birthday presents.

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I have a cousin and a nephew who were born on Christmas day.

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Cheers for your participation guys.

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My birthday is on Dec. 18th, we’ve still just has a small celebration when I was younger, now at 33 I am not so worried. Though for people that have it the day of or on Eve, or a couple days to and from. I can see it a little more difficult.

I suggest at least a get together with maybe a cake if you can’t do much else, due to the season.

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Mine is December 10th. Never had anything combined with Christmas, I don’t think?

Actually, last year, (my 18th) I had cake at my house and then cake at my Grandma’s on Christmas but that’s the only time.

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