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Can one get discharged from the US Air Force for pregnancy?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31588points) 4 weeks ago

FYI- I’m not in the Air Force. XD

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I have no idea, maybe that’s one co-pilot the bosses would pull the ejector seat on.

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I think you can request a maternity leave.

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I remember an episode on MASH where Margaret is worried she’s preggers. I don’t remember if she was nervous she would be discharged, or if she would get sent back to the states or what. I would guess rules have changed anyway. Lots of women in the service have children now, so my guess is current policy is you don’t get discharged.

Edit: I found this link.

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Back in the day, you could get a discharge for pregnancy between enlistment and active duty, but not anymore. Armed forces have a maternity leave policy now based on law and DOD rules

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I don’t know if you can get discharged as in I don’t think they can throw you out of the military for it. However, you might qualify for a hardship discharge if you were a single mother serving. But usually I would think they would find some job that would keep you out of the action, so to speak. Kinda hard to be a single mother when you are getting shipped to Afghanistan to work security or something.

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Back in the good old days, yes. Today…NO way!!! My cousin is in the AF & she’s 4 months along. They’ve just put her on light duty until the baby arrives.

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