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What sporting achievements over the years have been memorable for you?

Asked by ucme (50034points) November 16th, 2019

Something that excited you or maybe even made you proud when a fellow national triumphed. Perhaps you were there in attendance & witnessed it live.

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Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee.

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I just want to say Lionel Messi.
Glad to live in the time that he’s on the pitch.
He has brought me more (soccer) joy than any other player (in my lifetime).
Bergkamp in a second place (pure for aesthetic ball touch reasons).
Messi is, in my book, the most gifted soccer player.

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Messi is obviously a great talent & him & Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal scoring records are truly astonishing, but there’s just something about the man, can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t like him. Maybe because he’s stayed at the one club his whole career, should be testing himself in other leagues & winning things there as other legends of the game have done.
Bergkamp I did like, great player for Ajax Inter Milan & Arsenal, his winning goal for Holland against Argentina in the 98 World Cup quarter final was just divine, such a class act.

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This. A good friend of mine (who turned out to be 16!) shared this with me on Wisdm a million years ago. I am proud to be a member of the human species who has people who can move like that! Especially right there at 2:58. Holy crap!! ♥

Same kid told me all about Messi and Ronaldo.

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The Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series. Hell, I’m a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan and that was still a pretty awesome thing to behold (especially since my Chicagoland native wife is a lifelong Cubs fan).

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Boris Becker’s Broom-closet Bang.

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I saw Nadi Commininchi.

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My son was a very good bunter,so the coach made him bunt every time he was up. His RBI was very high. I asked the coach to please let him hit the ball, and he hit a grand slam home run.

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Interesting spelling there :D
Nadia Comaneci the Romanian gymnast who was the first ever to get a perfect 10 score & won 9 Olympic gold medals in total.
Can’t believe she’s still only 58.

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You googled it, cheater!

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Speaking for myself, I could go on all day but will keep it brief.
Seb Coe & Steve Ovett winning the 1500 & 800 metres respectively at the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980.
England winning the rugby World Cup in 2003.
Andy Murray winning the US Open & Wimbledon (twice) tennis titles.
Lewis Hamilton winning 6 F1 world titles.
So many more but those British successes meant the most.

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perhaps to soon

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I think we are at the end….

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Cheers guys thanks for being good sports lol
Most of these were good reads I may even ask more sport questions.

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Second in the three-legged race.

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@ucme Yes, that was a stunning goal indeed.
The commenter is still screaming his name…
A goal that is etched in my mind’s eye is that pirouette one he scored against Newcastle (had to look that up); that was unbelievably skillful.

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@rebbel That won goal of the season he scored a similar one against Leicester. Players like him make it look so easy, so.much time on the ball.

Been a lot of Dutch players playing here over the years, first I remember were Arnold Muhren & Frans Thjissen may have spelt them wrong lol.
They both started out at Ipswich with Muhren moving to Man Utd.
Marc Overmars at Arsenal was pure pace, Van nistlerooy just a class finisher as was Van persie.

My earliest memory of the Dutch team is from the 78 world cup in Argentina particularly those 2 long range goals from Arie Haan, as an excited 11yr old I tried to copy them next day.

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Might as well have been my memory you dug that out off :-)
You spelled Muhren correct, Thijssen I am not sure myself.
I had an Everton sjawl (and a Liverpool one), which my brother brought me from his trip to England.
My earliest memory from English football was, I think Tottenham, with Ardiles, and another foreign guy.
And Aston Villa, those years, were quite good, I believe (they might have played in a FA Cup Final around my 12th)
I had their full kit, loved the colors.
They’re still the first I’ll search for in the standings (sadly always in the lower half).
Nice memories.

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The other player you’re probably thinking of in that spurs side is Ricky Villa him & Ardiles both Argentinian were signed off the back of them winning that world cup in 78.
Villa scored a great solo goal helping spurs win the fa cup in 81 after a replay against Man City. His celebration was fantastic after he scored reminded me of that famous Marco Tardelli one after scoring in the 82 world cup final…see I told you, this stuff is stuck in the back of my head to be pulled out whenever It’s needed, but yeah, great memories.

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Yeah, that Tardelli celebration I remember too (although not his name).
The ecstatic scream, running towards the camera, right?

Yes, Villa was the other; rings some bell.

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Yep that’s him, become such an iconic image of how much scoring a winning goal in such a big game means.
How I wish I could’ve had the chance, good but nowhere near enough to go pro.

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