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For someone who is homeless, what is the best non-violent crime to commit, that carries the highest prison sentence?

Asked by ragingloli (45916points) 4 weeks ago

If they hatched a scheme to intentionally get imprisoned, so they can get food and shelter.

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Flashing their junk to kids probably, although they’d be better off on the streets, prisoners don’t take kindly to nonces.

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What skin color has your homeless person?
In certain countries that seems to matter, where jail sentence duration is concerned.
As well as which crime was committed.

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In my area it has to be a felony or they get released due to overcrowding.

Maybe stealing from walmart or something.

We also let them sleep on buses, have warming centers on cold nights and many shelters for those who are sober and nonviolent.

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Mail theft/fraud, it’s a federal crime so you would be serving 85% of your sentence.

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Threaten the President with bodily harm and you will get a 6 figure a year job at the DNC complete with a limo and driver.

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I would love to slap him on his flabby ass.
Or grab him by his men pussy.

Where can I sign up for that job, and the wheels?

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My brother-in-law was homeless and living in California. His crime of choice was to punch a cop in order to get arrested. Once in court, he’d get a public defender due to being homeless. When he finally got his day in court, he’d plead guilty. The sentence the judge gave him was long enough to get him through the coldest days of a Cali winter. After a couple of years, the judges recognized him and started skipping over the public defender just sending him straight to jail

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Vandalize the mailbox and damage the mail.

Also in a different angle you can sign up for university with student loans and be a career student. In other words use the university as a homeless shelter, and If you get scholarships and grants you could theoretically stay in school for life. As long as you can keep the grades.

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