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What behavior marks a person as a creep, in your opinion?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41081points) 3 weeks ago

As asked. And you can use your own definition of “creep.”

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Well, as you know, they just have to be male.

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Women can be creeps too.

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Here is a whole other thread that addresses my question!

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Going by the name Jeffrey. Jeff’s are generally ok, but guys who go by Jeffrey always turn out to be fucking creeps.


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^^ I get Dahmer and Epstein without looking. Will have to look at the link for the third.

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BTW, thanks to that post I remembered to to into my Prime account to find out how to delete a couple of movies that I bought that I really regretted buying. They were just taking up space in my digital movie storage. I have a LOT of movies and didn’t need any extras that I’ll never watch. One of them was “My Friend Dahmer.” Could NOT figure out how to delete them on the TV. I went to my account on my desk top and figured it out from there.
The other one was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

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For me, I think it mainly has to do with callousness, self-importance, aggression and boundary violations. When they violate what I think should be boundaries other people should respect of others, but instead they go right ahead, especially if they seem to be aware and intentionally doing it.

And those boundaries can be merely social.

For example, when someone assumes they can move into someone else’s personal space, address people aggressively without reason, or ask personal questions or offer personal advice without permission, or tell people what to do, even if it would reasonably make the other person uncomfortable, I tend to find that creepy.

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trump is creepy.

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Yeah, just about everything Trump has done exemplifies what I was talking about. “I just grab ‘em by the pussy” all by itself dials it up past 11 straight to sexual assault territory.

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When they make juvenile sexual innuendos all the time is creepy to me. It makes me think they’re a pedophile.

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@Zaku hit most of my answers. I would add anyone that is cruel to animals or laughs at cruelty to animals.

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I agree Chyna. People who play mean pranks on their kids too.

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Anyone who takes pleasure in doing harm.

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