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Is Eric Trump as stupid as SNL makes him out to be?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41109points) 3 weeks ago

SNL has him mindlessly playing with toddler toys, totally oblivious to what is going on around him. Is he really that bad?

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Yes, he is.

He has
1) a small brain
2) lots of money
3) a big mouth

A truly no-class individual.

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Every time I see him on TV he comes across as a mindless dolt.

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In a family full of Fredos he’s the Fredoest.

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LSSC does the same (with both him, and Donald Jr.).
I’ve asked a question about it once here, because I almost felt sorry for the chap.
I mean, it’s one thing to be sharp on the president, but his children?
What did they do?
I’ll have to revisit my question to reread the answers, but I think the gist was that he was bad (if I’m wrong, I’ll be back).

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Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric aren’t exactly children though. They’re 41, 38 and 35 years-old, respectively. And they’ve all chosen to actively involve themselves in their father’s campaigns and administration. That makes them fair game.

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I agree. Good answer @Darth_Algar. It’s not like we’re picking on Baron.

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Ah yeah, that was the gist of it.

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I’ve never met him. So I can’t say

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While you’re at it, is Trump as obtuse as Alec Baldwin portrays him? SNL is the greatest counter to the fool this country has yet to produce. The show is the withering scourge to such blather as the smokewulf would slather here, and sadly, much like Colbert the place where most young people get their news on the fool—a fact that drives the right straight up the wall. GOOD. It is absolutely essential that the fool be ridiculed and derided without respite.

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It sure pisses trumpy off!

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I never met the Obamas but I have no doubt about their intelligence @josie.

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