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Do you find it interesting that Sandra Bullock turned down the role in The Blind Side several times because she didn't think she could play the role of a devout Christian?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41109points) 3 weeks ago

I find it interesting and refreshing and honest.

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What did she wind up doing

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Link please.

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Not especially but upon further reading, I saw that she did indeed take the role.
It still doesn’t interest me enough to go see this film.

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@lucillelucillelucille I found it to be a very good movie although I’ve heard since that it’s not necessarily factual.

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@LadyMarissa – She is not a box office draw for me but then, I can’t think of any current actors out there who are.

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It’s roughly factual @LadyMarissa.

Sully isn’t exactly factual either, but it still a good movie.

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As an accomplished actor, she might have said to herself that if devout christians, in the absence of any evidential support whatsoever, can do it then I can at least pretend it’s real. Pirates, now that would be tricky, arrrggh.

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