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What time in your life where you the most confident or powerful?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15878points) 4 weeks ago

In Junior High I was taller than all the bullies and was super confident.
At a 20 something I was night manager alone in a night-shift at a convenience store. I was all powerful, before the wave of stupid people got to me and I broke.

What about you?
serious and humorous answers welcome.
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I’ve always been confident in myself, starts & ends with being comfortable in your own skin.
As for powerful, don’t know if I’ve ever felt that, empowered yes.

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Today my knees hurt so I had to pause and reflect

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Most of my life before the accident which brought on my chronic condition. I would stand toe to toe with anyone. I had no fear.
I used to go for walks at night, late, like after midnight. People who knew would caution me that it was dangerous, but gawd I love the night! Everything is quiet. There is only me, and nature. It felt like the planet was mine.
Often street lights would go out just as I got to them, and come back on after I passed. Even more power would surge through me. I was a shadow, and even the street lamps would respect that, and go dark for me.
No one, not a soul ever bothered me during those walks.
Dogs would be barking at crickets, or whatever, and as I walked by I could simply say shhhh, and they would go quiet until I was gone.
I had power. I was power.
I miss me so much.

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I guess when I applied for college.
Honestly, I had so much shit going on in my life I sort of forgot until all my friends were posting their college acceptance letters. I had been so focused on applying for school in a different city to be with my then boyfriend that once we broke up, I had no idea where to go in my state. I applied to a tech school about a month before I graduated. Very glad I applied but I ended up changing my major.

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