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What time in your life where you the least confident or least powerful?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15873points) 3 weeks ago

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When I was forced to live with my dad I was afraid of him when I was 4. least powerful is when I was groped by my dad in front of my ex-girlfriend at a family dinner in fall in 2000.

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Least confident: When 15 years old and writing a letter to a girl I’d had a crush on for five years.

Least powerful: When extremely sick and miserable.

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I’ve been on SS disability for several years.

Very little income and very little prospects for the future. I stay paralyzed with anxiety for several hours a day.

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I am SO sorry about your childhood @RedDeerGuy1. It makes so sad….and angry.

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Least confident, when I was taking the wrong medication. That’s what I was on before I was switched to what I take now.
Least powerful, when rigidity hits so hard my body contorts, and when my heart and/or lungs also get involved. It feels like someone has a voodoo doll of me, and completely takes control from me. It gets so severe, I can watch torture scenes in movies and feel like they pussed out mighty quick.
Except Mel Gibson being shocked in one of the Lethal Weapons. It only pissed him off.

That’s me. I take it and take it, and it hurts like nobody should ever hurt, and it pisses me off.

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Right now I feel like I have no power in my life. I feel like lots of things are just happening and I’m just watching from afar. I also don’t feel confident at the moment.

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Suck – it – up soldier! ~

You are a part of the world. You matter. You are tough. You just haven’t been tested yet.

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@Patty_Melt I feel pretty tested

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I’m trying my best to give myself power.
I changed my major and am now pursuing Criminal Justice. My goal is to help victims of crimes go through the legal process ( A victim/Witness advocate) as well as counselling crime victims as well.. I really want to help other women because I know first hand how much it sucks and how stressful the whole process is, and also because I feel everybody deserves a chance at life, and just because life sucks now doesn’t mean it always will
I have really been struggling lately, been getting a lot of nightmares. It got so bad that I fucked my sleeping schedule up badly with the loss of sleep. I’m working on keeping my mind busy and doing more art. I’m trying to just do things for me to make myself happy. I’m 19 in a month. Just out of high school basically and not even done with my first semester of college. I have my whole life ahead of me and I plan on doing a lot in my life.

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You do have a lot of years ahead of yourself, and getting yourself prepped for those years now is important. But, if you put your sanity at risk, that is just ten steps back.
I respect the choices you are making. Preparing for the future is important, but do things you can enjoy in the now.

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I felt least powerful as a small child.
I am not confident at all or feeling very powerful nowadays either.

There were actually many years in between when I did however.

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Watching my mom sign her hospice papers.

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@Vignette I’m so sorry you went through that.

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Thank you @anniereborn It was actually a beautiful experience.

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