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When did you lose your sense of humor?

Asked by josie (29933points) 3 weeks ago

Before or after you joined Fluther

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Why – have you found it?

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I lose it every day. I think somewhere in my fat folds. I always find it again before my day is over.

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Before I found Fluther. I made myself a target in political science class when I said something stupid about the glass ceiling. I made an honest question and was ganged up on. I learned to keep my mouth shut. Even on Fluther I hold back. I might want to go into politics after my debts are paid.

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What good is keeping your mouth shut?
That’s how you become invisible

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@josie I pick my battles from now on.

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Not yet. Hopefully not ever. Life is too short and too absurd to go through it without humor.

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If I lose it I go get a grandkids or 2 or 10 and I manage to find it again.
The other day my son asked me to pick Onna up from school. She was so excited to have me all to herself! We went to Braums. As we walked in she said “You know what I know? You yell I yell we all yell for ice cream!”

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I’ve never lost it. It’s what makes me so lovable.

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Is that what it is @kritiper?!

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I wouldn’t say I lost it, but I guess my humour has changed a little over time. Nothing to do with fluther though.

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Three little words:

Pull my finger.

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The only thing I’ve lost since I joined is my blonde hair. It’s turning grey. Or is it gray?

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When Reagan was elected. That was droll enough to last a lifetime.

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I find life too absurd to have lost my sense of humor, but some things are just not funny.

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