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What is your favorite museum/ memorial in Washington DC?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 17th, 2019

There are so many

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Favorite Memorial, WW2 Memorial not because of how it was designed but what it honors and commemorates.

Second favorite is the Washington Monument. That thing is HUGE. I wonder what Washington himself would say if he saw it.

Third is The Korean and Vietnam Memorials. You stand there and it’s impossible not to feel the presence of those who are being remembered.

Last two favorites, a tie. Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. Mesmerizing place to hang out in the evening. Great, extraordinary and truly remarkable fellows those two.

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The Smithsonian is one I need to see.

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The WW 2 Memorial is indeed awesome.

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Air and Space Musem should be my favorite but unfortunately for years it hasn’t been improved at all. I heard something is being done so that’s good news.

The American Indian Museum looks great but after two visits or so, it loses some appeal. Natural History Museum, I don’t know. It always felt dark and dingy in there. Just me.

When I go, most of the time I end up at The National Gallery to look at a few favorite paintings. Guess that makes it my favorite museum.

Have yet to see The African American Museum.

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The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and the Lincoln Memorial were both outright amazing.

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Washington Monument – - – fifty one years ago I run up all 500 feet on the stairs.

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I used to love going to Air and Space.

I really liked the post office museum also.

I want to got to the African American Museum. I’ve also never been to the war memorials, so I would do that the next time I go home.

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The Lincoln Memorial
The Air and Space Museum
The Holocaust Museum

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It’s been 40 years since I have been out there. But I loved the Smithsonian and Arlington National Cemetery was certainly something to see.

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I forgot the Holocaust museum. It’s fantastic. @filmfann is right about that.

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Whichever one I am at, at any given time, is my favorite.

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I almost feel obligated to say the Smithsonian as no other museum IMO comes close to the epic treasures in that building. But I was in awe of the The FBI Experience Museum and for years as a kid that was what I wanted to do with my life.

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@Vignette I think the OP is asking which of the Smithsonian museums people liked best. There are at least 10 (I don’t know the count now) Smithsonian museums on or near the mall. Plus, several
others around DC.

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Jefferson Memorial. SImple and elegant.

Museum of American History -> museums. Although National Archives is a close second (and it’s half a block away)

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Lincoln Memorial

Museum of African American History

The Philips Gallery

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@JLeslie Are there different feeds here? I read…“What is your favorite museum/ memorial in Washington DC” Did I mess up? For the record we went to the Air and Space museum and it was so cool to see the Gemini Capsule. Stunning how small that capsule was. Took some serious nads to ride that into space on top of all that rocket fuel.

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The Air and Space museum is just so unique and impressive. That’s a “must see” for most people touring the museums on the National Mall. I’m a fan of the National Gallery of Art as well. There are some pretty incredible works of art there. The natural history museum is neat, but you can see geodes and dinosaur bones in other cities.

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Remember that there’s also the Air and Space museum annex out at Dulles airport, with dozens (even hundreds) of other planes. Great way to spend a day.

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@Vignette You said “The Smithsonian.” Did you mean all the museums that are part of the Smithsonian group of museums? Air and Space is a Smithsonian museum.

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@JLeslie In my 2nd followup answer I did mention Air and Space. It was 35 years ago and I am sure it is much different today.

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@Vignette I know you mentioned it. Never mind.

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