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Do you put the cat out at night?

Asked by kritiper (21045points) November 18th, 2019

I don’t usually ask silly questions but this time I thought I might.

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Nine out of ten times we do.
Only when he’s not doing great, or if we are not doing great (and he shows no signs of wanting to go out), we’ll let him stay with us.

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Pretty kitty @rebbel!

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Roofy goes out when she wants too, unless she wants to stay inside on those occasions when I leave the house.

She has food, water, and a litter box when she’s stuck inside.

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@chyna Yeah, he is so sweet, I could eat him!

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No,they are both indoor cats. I would not want to subject them to the coyotes,cars and other animals.(people included)

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Nope. Indoor only and always. Cuts way down on vet bills and the cats live much longer.

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No, when we had cats in Connecticut our backyard had coyotes and bobcats ! Neighbors had missing cats all the time if they were outdoor cats. Also no feeding in outdoors, food bowls attracted raccoons and skunks

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No. He’s an indoor / outdoor cat. He sleeps with us.

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Outdoors, no.

Out of the bedroom, only when being too noisy.

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Nope she is an inside cat, doesn’t want to go outside and we are fine with that.

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No, absolutely not. I have a strict indoor-only policy with my cats.

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I’m so pleased to see so many here have an indoor cat policy.
Putting them outside has always seemed wrong to me.
I get that they do shit in their own way, but no, not cool for me.

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Mom only lets her big boy in when it’s cold, but he doesn’t like to stay in except when it’s cold anyway. He’s a big ol orange tomcat and loves to roam and kick butt all over the neighborhood, but he’s starting to wind down and want to come in for cuddles a bit more. I call him my ‘brother’.

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Our three cats are indoor only. I have never seen an outdoor cat in the city where I live. It would be irresponsible of us to let them out. They’d get hit by a car.

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My cat would be so sad if she couldn’t climb trees after the squirrels or sunbath on the neighbor’s roof.

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Mine go out during the day, sometimes for a little while, sometimes all day, but they always are in the house at night. They cry to go out during the day.

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Our back yard is basically a perfect jungle for a little panther cat.

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Our cats have never been outside and they don’t try to escape. They are perfectly content chasing each other in our home and lounging in the windows. Just about every other apartment or home here in Madison has a large cat tower like ours in front of a window.

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