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What is the best diet for a human, if the main factor is the quality and taste of the resulting meat?

Asked by ragingloli (49117points) November 18th, 2019

A balanced diet of meat, grains and vegetables?
Meat only?
Do you think that vegetarians and vegans taste best?

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Taste is personal preference….some people like simple bland foods while other prefer very tasty foods. In my opinion there is no universal answer for your question.

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Grains and vegetables and fruit seem to provide the best tasting animals, so I would say a vegan diet would be tastiest for those destined to be dinner fare for a cannibal. Kinda like corn fed pork; they don’t call it long pork for nuthin’.

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@Sagacious I think the OP means what should you eat to be tasty food for consumption by others..

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@janbb Surely you didn’t exactly write what you meant to. :) I’m not really going to guess what people mean….I go by what they write.

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@Sagacious and I go by what I know of them from many years on Fluther. Yes, I did mean it. You can read the question carefully or better yet, ask the OP. Just read the last sentence of the details and @zenvelo‘s response.

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Spotted dick & custard.

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@Sagacious Read the title question and its details very carefully. The OP is asking what should humans eat so that they become very delicious as a result.

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Meat fed meat has the highest quality of amino acids and fantastic marbling. Long pig is supposed to be some of the best but I cannot verify this myself.

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I have heard the statement, If you can’t be a vegetarian then eat one, with the obvious implication that meat from vegetarians (human or not) is healthier.

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