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What are some creative ways of dealing with a queue jumper?

Asked by ucme (48476points) 3 weeks ago

Beyond the obvious firm but polite malarky.
Just for some delicious evil fun.
Asking for a fiend.

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This on the road, or in the supermarket?
I’m new to this word.

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Either/or mate, anywhere where there’s a line of people/traffic.

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In that case: kill ‘em!

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Summary execution

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Pick up a tube of rash cream and then sneeze on them.

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If driving I will not budge for lane jumpers. They get so mad. Happens almost daily commuting. I get flipped off a lot lol.

Social outings, I dont care unless its a premiere, then the others in line rally to shame them out of line. A recent movie was sold out, a couple tried and tried and we all shut them out since they came very late, and we’d all waited over an hour.

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