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With all you can do now on a computer and the internet, do you ever find yourself bored with it all?

Asked by Yellowdog (9126points) 2 weeks ago

For years, I used a computer for writing, and it was the best tool I had ever found. It still is.

Then I discovered the internet, and new vistas opened. I could see and explore places I had never been and always wondered about. I could get information on everything I ever was interested in, or wondered about, even other people’s opinions and points of view, and engage in community with them. I could read about how-to’s and hobbies and T.V. shows and entertainment and music videos I hadn’t seen in years, all at my fingertips.

Then, there was the weird stuff: conspiracy theories, hate sites, fetishes, or just highly unusual interests.

I never engaged much in computer games, but that was there, too. As well as current movies, t.v. entertainment, music, news, opinion, or I could work from home or look for work / submit resumes. I could reconnect with people I never thought I’d know about again.

All this information about anything I could ever want to know, did not require hours of fruitless research in libraries and calling Directory Assistance. It was all there in seconds of just typing it in.

After some years of this, I find it all getting kind of hum drum and ordinary. I sit down at my workstation, the best medium I have, and wonder what I want to do.

Has anyone else reached the stage where it is all becoming ordinary and hum-drum and boring?

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Yes. When exhausting my choices. That is why I follow lots of YouTube videos and turn on notifications. I search for new videos passively and actively from my day to day activities.

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Bored? Hardly. It’s more about having the feeling I’ve wasted too much time on entertaining myself on the Net. Years now…and still counting!

I remember in 2000 I found it hard to believe no one yet has come up with a single device that would allow people to have a lot of fun and provide a great platform for doing productive stuff like composing music, screenwriting, designing etc.

It finally happened when the IPad arrived. Sadly, it was utilized more for fun that productivity. Steve Jobs should have come up with another device that makes people reverse that trend. Lol

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You can down load music for your iPhone or MP3 player,you can make music cd’s.
If you have a printer you can design your own greeting cards.
So in other words not yet.

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Thanks, @SQUEEKY2 — Its probably that I’m bored with continuing to do the things that have become routine. There’s actually a lot of things I ought to learn to do that I haven’t. I tried learning to make CDs in the early 2000s and never really did anything more with it.

There’s always opportunity to learn to do something more with it, as the technology is constantly expanding in leaps and bounds.

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When you are bored with the internet you create it. Totally serious, learn some HTML, CSS, and PHP. Toss in some Ubuntu, and Apache and make yourself a website.

I have silly sites. Like one where I post my doctors appointments so my sister knows when she needs to drive me. And one for quotes I like. And one for code snippets that I frequently use and I can just hit that up instead of using Google. The world is your oyster, create it.

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No, honestly I freeze up because of all the shit I want to do but can’t make my mind up.

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Not so much bored but that there are so many other way cool things to do off line that I do that would deflect me from getting bored here.

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I feel like the computer takes me away from doing some productive things in the house (like cleaning and organizing). I also feel like I should expand my horizons as far as what I do on the computer (as I don’t do a whole lot except social networking and watching occasional movies or shows, and googling things). I realize that both of my thoughts are contradictory.

I’m frequently bored and feel like I’m killing time. For me, it’s mindless.

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As a child who’s mom answered every question with her stock reply, “I don’t knowwww, leave me alone. I’m too busy to think about that right now”, I am thrilled to have a source that no matter how many questions I ask, I can get an answer. Even if my exact question isn’t quite answered, I get at least something.
I never run out of questions.

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I don’t know if I’d call it bored, but the thrill is not the same. I do understand what you are talking about @Yellowdog.

I find myself between liking the access to information and wanting to be able to just relax without so much information.

If my husband was more engaged with me I know I would be online less. Not that he ignores me, but his waking hours are earlier than mine. He starts sundowning by 8:00pm.

The internet also helps me procrastinate. Not a good thing.

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With the ability to learn new hobbies/skills from all of the tutorials out there, I can’t imagine ever being bored. Want to learn origami? There’s probably a dozen or more good YouTube creators showing you how. Want to learn to code an app? There’s thousands of sites willing to walk you through your first “Hello World” and beyond. Want to get better at Chess? 18th century weaving? Making the farthest flying paper airplane? Trigonometry? The lifecycle of the 3-toed sloth? Astronomy? Panning for gold? Building robots? The only limit is your creativity, ambition and the amount of time/effort you’re willing to invest.

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