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What unflattering descriptions might someone describe YOU, or have you heard someone describe someone else, to a third party?

Asked by Yellowdog (9040points) 1 week ago

When I worked at Central Hardware in my late teens, a customer had just missed a sale on some expensive item he was needing to purchase. But my immediate supervisor could still give him the sale price. I told the customer to ask Ken (my supervisor)—and said (as a serious description) “he’s that big fat ballheaded man up front.”

The customer was able to pick Ken out right away, and got what he needed. But I realized that was a horrible way to describe someone!

In another instance, much more recently, my brother-in-law, whose technical help was needed at a large community college where he works, was described to another as, “he’s the really big, fat guy with the beard and coffee stains on his shirt.”

These things sound like terrible insults, but may indeed be the best description to someone who doesn’t know the person.

Have you ever heard anyone inadvertently described in unflattering terms? And / or how might someone describe YOU in truthful, descriptive, but unflattering terms?

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Tall,dark haired harpy.

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You can look me up on any websites. I’m described as rude… Usually because I I demand the money for that event..

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Middle aged, fat woman.

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A person who knows both my husband and me once wrote in a chat “I don’t know what he sees in her”. Since I also feel the same way I wasn’t offended.
We just celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary

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He looks like he likes the smell of his own shit, arrogant prick.
For the record, my poo smells like roses, so there!

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Probably the loud lady over there when I’m in a good mood.
That sourpuss, my resting bitch face.
Too picky, in manager mode (where details are worth a lot of money.)
The chick in the old Taurus. Apparently my lack of desire to keep up with the joneses annoys some people.

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Skinny, bald head, ugly, old grampa.

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@gondwanalon Lemme at ‘em….. Grandpa’s are the best! :)

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@gondwaolon , I got your back. For what it’s worth.

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I think someone referred to me as a Knilch once.

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I might have overheard a fool say I love fluther & will miss it when It’s gone…now that is an insult :D

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