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Does anyone have a metal roof on their home?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34320points) November 19th, 2019

Is is loud during rainy weather?

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I don’t, but I lived in an apartment with an add on which had the corrugated metal roof.
Yes, they are noisy, especially as they can be loosened by wind. The result is hearing the rain, plus thunder effects.

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No. I was talking old timey stuff.
They specifically mention wind stability, so I see that as a big plus. Paint will lessen sound issues bigly.
It looks like a sound product. Check better business bureau to see if there are any complaints or actions against them. If not, it might be your way to go.

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@Patty_Melt- I am definitely thinking about it

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Metal roof, metal walls, metal floor, metal doors, metal windows.
Everything is metal.

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If you know any fire fighters, ask their opinion on them. Someone told me a firefighter said that with the metal roofs it’s harder to fight a fire, that the metal roof traps the fire inside and there was less chance to save the house. I don’t know this first hand, so maybe you know someone that will know this.

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@chyna – My neighbor’s a firefighter. I will definitely ask the next time I see him.

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Please let me know.

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@chyna – I will. It could be awhile though as he is on some crazy shifts.

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I believe that would be a major issue to check. Good call, @chyna.

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All I get from this is tap dancing crows!

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We had a metal roof at work and I don’t remember it being very noisy, but maybe the sound is insulated. Plus, I was there during the day, not when trying to sleep at night.

I’d be wary of the noise too for a house.

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That sounds logical @chyna

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@chyna-This is what I ran into while looking around:
#3 – Fire Safety of Metal Roofing
As homeowners, we take a lot of steps to fireproof the interior of our homes. But, when it comes to the exterior of our homes, the risk is out of our control. It can come from nearby wild fires, lightning strikes, or unfortunate fires at our neighbor’s homes. Metal roofs are non combustible and can offer some of the best available protection from external fires. And, unlike some other roofing materials, they offer this protection without any special fire resistive treatments which tend to wash away after a few years of exposure to the weather.

Additionally, in the event of an interior fire, the low weight of metal is of great significance. Heavier roofing materials increase the chance of a roof caving in once the fire reaches the attic. In fact, with some heavy roofing materials such as clay and concrete tile, fire fighters will not even go inside to fight the fire due to the risk. A combustion resistant metal roof can bring great protection to your home and great peace of mind to you..

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@lucillelucillelucille Great information! Thank you.

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@chyna -You’re welcome :)

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