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You are hired to design the ultimate video game, what do you make?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10491points) November 19th, 2019 from iPhone

No budget, any imaginable hardware can be invented to allow for any possibility you can imagine.

Essentially you are in charge of the Matrix, but you have to pick the game play. Anything goes…

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No budget?
Or limitless budget?

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One would have to have a certain score in a limited time period or they would be forced to do extra homework. XD

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I have 2:

1. A fully-3d version of Dark Wizard, updated with modern sounds and graphics with some updated gameplay mechanics as well.

2. I would love to design a game that was a hybrid of a FPS and an RTS. Where there was a commander for each side that could place objectives for various squads on the map, build walls, turrets, upgrade gear/weapons etc. from a central control room in her base. And then there was a visceral FPS experience where you could run around the map that the enemy commander is trying to defend. If your commander gives you new orders, the objective will update on your HUD. It’s more complex than I’ve described, but that’s the broad outline.

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I enjoy games which don’t require speed. I have a lovely one where I can build my own is for younglings, but I get a kick out of hand feeding some. The graphics are cool.
I also play poker. I like beating Phil Laak to the all in, and watch him chicken out.
So, my ideal would be heavy on graphics, easy on speed, non or low violence. I would love an undersea one. I once started writing one up, just gameplay no tech aspects, but with nobody interested, I ditched it.
If someone wants to make it happen in n Xbox 360 format, I would gladly write out the concept in trade for my own copy to play, or on the new model if I could have a console too. Lol.
Being a shut in, the games help with loneliness.

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All games have secrets or hidden areas, so why not a game with ALL secret areas.

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I see my headache is starting to affect my sentences.

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@lucillelucillelucille this is not a homework assignment…<rolls eyes>

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@Ltryptophan -I figured that but I have a design plan B
Basement rent goes up 10 bucks every time the point requirements are not met within the allotted time.
This idea would be marketed towards those who cannot get their adult child to move out of their basement lair.
That would sell.

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@Ltryptophan It seems I’ve hit a nerve… lol

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It seems I’ve found a typical boomer. Nothing constructive to add to anything.

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I would create a diplomacy centered learning game. You get points the better you are at resolving conflicts.

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@lucillelucillelucille Edited You can try No,but you can ban people from your store.
I’ve never been grounded, and I rarely had a curfew, seeing I had a telescope, and needed the night to use it.

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@Ltryptophan -Well then! You just took all the fun out of it!

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@lucillelucillelucille essentially instead of answering questions here, you’re profiling the one’s asking the questions, for kicks?

It looks like this is your video game of choice.

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@Ltryptophan – My apologies.How many points do I get for that?
I did answer your q but you didn’t like it, then called me a name. Go back to Level 1.

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A game where the object is to uncover the truth that is hidden well and continues to add more variants as it goes on and on..tiring out the investigation.
Has LOTS of players involved to complicate the goal.

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Ever see The Matrix? Plug people into a totally immersive reality.

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@lucille I think its a fun question, its making me think about what so many like about each game.

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Awww, me too. Big gamer hug!

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@Patty I still giggle at the hookers in GTA.
Virtual xoxo

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How about a free roam game (in part) with quests but where you get to go pick fights with randoms and most are willing. Some can scold you or run screaming. Kinda sounds fun and a few ‘political characters’ or McGregor (mma), or a celebrity, could appear if you level up. Haha! Vitual Fight Club.

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Okay, so make a zombie game where the citizens of eeh-merry-ka are in conflict over their bloated, fluffy haired leader.

This split causes rage beyond measure & all of the country turn into the undead, feasting on each other amidst general fucking carnage.

The ultimate aim of the game is to get to the shite house & impeach the big bad boss man Trumpety “twattyface” Trump.

The game is called President Evil

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A VR, neural interface, tentacle monster simulator, with a victim POV mode.

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On the assumption that players are tentacled, keyboard controller set up to function eight simultaneous operations.

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Not a game player but I’d like to see a game called RUN.

You pick who your chasers ( mother in law, serial killer, cops, monsters, stalker partner, ghosts, witches, tigers, dinosaurs, reality TV show host donald trump etc. ) are and how many.

All you can do is run and set traps for them while you run. You can only stop for a few seconds at a time and number of stops are limited.

If I have enough budget for real, I would produce that game.

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I assume that the player character would look like Arnold?

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Tom Arnold?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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I’d prefer to put my face on the character. Lol Wonder if the tech could allow that. Can’t see a reason why not.

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