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Is it heartening to know that the government of South Dakota are (collectively) on meth?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29681points) November 19th, 2019

Someone at the state’s advertising agency really screwed up.

read this

Tag line: Meth .. We’re on it!

Doesn’t anybody proofread (or even read!) any more?

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haha, what a debacle!

The worst part for me is that spellcheck is on most programs now and still they don’t use it!!
Our local news spells our own street names incorrectly, it’s embarrassing.

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Here’s another link to it We’re On It

I’d like to know who owns the ad agency they picked and how that person is related to Gov. Kristi Noem.

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I’m wondering if the double entendre was intended.

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I like it.

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@rebbel The article or meth? I didn’t even know you had meth over there?!

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The tagline.

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Well, meth fueled the Nazi blitzkriegs; might as well help SDak get through the winter.

(This is not a Godwin’s law reference,)

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If they were on meth they’d probably be a little more productive.

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Oh my word! Well, someone had something cutsey in mind, but didn’t stop to consider what it looked like to people who were reading it unaware of what they’re supposed to read into it.

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This is fantastic

I’m not being sarcastic when I say it is probably the best thing I have seen this week. They got the TM too!. Beautiful.

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I do think it is heartening that this Gov has stepped up to take on their drug problem and judging by the reaction to their/her ad it is doing a terrific job of engaging the public in a frank discussion of their meth problem. The tag line “we’re on it” is pretty smart. I watched the Gov interview this am and she pointed a mom high on meth in a restaurant with 2 less than cared for little ones and how no one offered to help this lady or even lifted an eyebrow and IMO that is what has to change all across this country. I live in an affluent city and it has one of the worst heroin and opiod addiction problems I could ever imagine and people just want to ignore it hoping it will go away. These drugs problems are not just an inner city back alley problem. The mere fact that they are installing needle drop boxes in Starbucks should scream out to the reality this problem is YUGE and does affect all of us and time to “get on it”

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@Vignette You have put a lot of words together and made a coherent and to-the-point piece of text.
I was lazy, when I wrote “I like it”, but it’s exactly that what you said what I was thinking when I wrote it.

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Great minds think alike @rebbel

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