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Are jurors exempted from minimum wage laws?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18548points) November 19th, 2019

How much, if any, do jurors get paid. Court case jurors not Dancing with the stars jurors. Any country.

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It is different in every jurisdiction. It’s not earned income.

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It is minimum wage, if you are living in the nineteenth century.

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Being a juror is not a job. It is a service that those chosen are required to perform. In the U.S., you get paid some pittance.

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It’s not a job, it’s an obligation as a citizen.

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If you have a job already, you get your day’s pay.

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Jury pay is a daily stipend for fulfilling one’s civic obligations. The money is meant to defray the costs of parking, lunch, and other incidentals. Serving on a jury isn’t a job, and jury pay isn’t earned income.

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In my county, jurors are paid $30/day for each day (full or partial) that they come to the courthouse, whether picked for a case or not.

Jurors are not paid by check – they get prepaid debit cards handed to them on the way out the door. Apparently the overhead cost to cut a check is something like $11.50/check, while prepaid debit cards are about $2.00/card in administrative overhead.

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For my employer, when we get paid by the court system we hand it in, and we get our regular paycheck if we’re out on jury duty.

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