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For those that are seeing their families over the holiday season, does the thought of it make you happy or filled with trepidation, or something else?

Asked by jca2 (16462points) November 21st, 2019

For many people, the holidays are a time of joy and they love being with their families. For many, the holidays are a time of dread, when expectations are high but family grievances may be aired or something not so nice may end up happening.

How do you feel about the prospect of seeing your family for the holidays? Do you look forward to it? Do you wish it didn’t have to be? Are you slightly nervous but still looking forward to it? Or is seeing your family for the holidays something that you will avoid at all costs? Do tell.

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Our doors will be locked & bolted & we’re thinking of planting land mines under the lawn.

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I wanted to stay home for Thanksgiving but we might go to my sister’s instead.
It is a lot of fun :)

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Um, there’s a few people on both sides who make me leery, but I go with a smile and see how it goes. There’s something to be said for meeting in a public place/restaurant, people stay a bit more calm.

For us, one of our difficult family members now has health issues, and is coming for Thanksgiving. Some of the family are calling and contacting her more to support her in her time of need, but there’s still reservations due to past behavior. So it should be interesting.

Hint: I always drive myself to family events, so I can bail if someone loses it…lol

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My husband is coming home for a week over Christmas and I wish it was longer! During the week, we will spend two days (one night) visiting his family (parents, sister, and his sisters children).

My husband and I had just finalized dates a week ago, and a day later my dad texts me and says he and my mom can come for a week over the holidays, and the dates he gave me (a 2.5 week time span) encompass the time my husband will be here. I really don’t want my parents here the same time my husband is here. It’s so much work for me to deal with all of them at once, I know my husband will be annoyed. He wouldn’t be happy no matter who it is. It’s his one week here after being away for 5 months.

I told my parents my preferred dates for then to visit. Let’s see what happens. It’s not really for the holidays though. I’m asking them to come after Christmas.

About seeing my in-laws, I would rather not. I don’t feel like doing the drive, I really want to spend time with just my husband while he’s here.

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