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What are some unwritten laws, that everyone instinctively obeys?

Asked by ragingloli (45917points) 3 weeks ago

For example, pressing the trigger at least twice, when you pick up a drill.

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I haven’t heard that on.

Stick your tongue out while threading a needle.

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Do not look at the guy next to you at a urinal.

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I have my own set of ethics. I typically follow them. But they are different from what I understand other’s to be…

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Laugh when a small child falls over, more so when they cry :D

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Softly open your mouth as you apply eye makeup. (Ladies, don’t we all do this?)

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I don’t know about everyone, but I refuse to pull anyone’s finger.

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It is always good form to leave one open urinal between you and the next guy.

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Don’t double dip.

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Fly always zipped

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When I die. It will be no small child. I may never succeed, at the man I want to be. But I have done my share, in making this world a better place…

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It must be nice to be so certain

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That’s the only thing I am certain about Stanley.

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Who said anything about “happy?”

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Snow White, it was Snow White m’lud & I got witnessessessessessessess!!

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Boo hoo. Yawn…

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No, I don’t think they were dwarves!

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Dwarves, deserve an opinion too.

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Get off the track when you see a train coming.

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Who said anything about happy? How quickly we forget.

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^You said “happy,“Stan…..

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Don’t eat while you’re pooping.

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Snitches get stitches.
Pedo’s are the scum of the criminal world and get what they get inside, or out.
Holding doors for ladies and the elderly.
Be kind and helpful with the mentally disabled.
Protecting the young and elderly.

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