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At what point should the prefix multi start to be used? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) November 21st, 2019

At what point is a person multi-talented or at what point is a person multi-lingual?
Multi-million apartments in the world would be over what number? Is it a minimum 100 million?

many or several: used with some adjectives and nouns_
multilingual (=able to speak several languages)
multimillionaire (=someone with many millions of pounds)

“Many” or “several” doesn’t give a number.

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Ancient Rome.
MULTIBIBUS – drinks a lot

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Two or more.

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11 or more.

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@rebbel No, I think that sounds too low.
@ragingloli That’s more like it according to when I hear it used. I never hear it being used before 10. In fact I hear it being used when it’s over 100 if it’s money.

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“Multi” is a simple subjective plural designation, like “many”. There is no number.

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@rebbel and @canidmajor are absolutely correct.

Multi just means more than one. For example, someone with $2 million is a multi-millionaire. It means more than one.

Just as if I had two girlfriends, I could be said to have multiple girlfriends.

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I’ve changed my mind. Multi means more than one. It’s funny how we get in the wrong place because of usage. Even the dictionary (one of them which I posted in my OP anyway, I wonder if they all say that) says many or several

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What dictionary was it?

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