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What do/did you call your parents?

Asked by Demosthenes (15038points) November 22nd, 2019

The question about “baby mama” got me thinking about the use of “mama” and other terms for parents. What do or did you call your parents? Did it change as you got older?

I call my parents “mom” and “daddy”. I called my mom “mommy” until I was in high school. I think the reason I still say “daddy” is largely due to my mom; she refers to him that way, saying things like “did you text daddy about it?” and so since she never stopped saying it, I never stopped saying it. My brother calls him “dad” though.

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As far back as I can remember I called my parents Mom and Dad.

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Mom and dad. I did name one of my dogs after my dad though. His first name, not “dad”. lol

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Mom and Dad.

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Mam & “where’s that man you did naughty things with?”

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Mom or mommy.

My father left when I was very young and so I didn’t grow up with him in the house. When I would see him for visits, I forgot what i called him. I don’t think I called him anything.

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Just to clarify my answer.
My parents were divorced when I was 6 & I have no concrete memories of my Dad ever being around.

I was named after him, although he wanted me to be named Keith uggh pleased mam won that one.

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To their face Mother & Daddy. To friends & on the net I seemed to have shortened it to Mom & Dad. Both passed years ago & I seem to be getting lazy in my old age!!! I have noticed that when speaking with old friends & any family member, I still call them Mother & Daddy where people who never knew them get the shortened version.

After I moved away from home, my brother & some of his friends renamed my Dad Pop. They meant it in a disrespectful way but it stuck with them over the years. I never switched over to Pop. Now when I’m speaking with my brother, I call him Daddy & my bro calls him Pop.

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Mum,or Mother
Dad,or Father depends on the conversation.

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Mom and dad.

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Pa and ma (dad and mom).

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Mom and Dad. But if I was needing to get my mom’s attention I would scream out Ma! I love it that my 20 yr old still calls me pops!

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@Vignette You’re a male? I had you figured for a woman.

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Mama and Papa. In German, the emphasis is on the first syllable for those words. So that’s what I do.

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My dad died when I was 13, I called him daddy.
My mom was mommy till, I dunno 11 ish? Then she became mom.

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Depends on my mood, but mostly Mom. If she’s down or I’m texting, I’ll say Love you, mama, or something to make her smile.

Dad was not around, so usually he was Dick (short for Richard and apt in other ways.)

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Mom and Dad.

My father used “Mother and dad,” when he referred to them. That marks him as having been raised in the south (Texas.)

My son calls me “Ma.” It is so endearing!

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Growing up, ba and mẹ at home with family. Mom and dad to my friends.

Now everyone calls them oma and opa. I’m not German. But my niece is half German and the first grandkid.

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My ex had an aunt we called Taunta Loose, or something like that. I think it meant “Aunt” in Dutch. Maybe @rebbel can tell us.

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@raum Are you Vietnamese heritage?

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Yup. :)

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@raum Wow, cool. You ever come to Missouri for Marian Days in Carthage, Mo?

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No, my parents are Buddhist.
But that looks pretty cool. :)

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@raum Well gangstas to grandma’s come, its awesome. Hope you try someday.

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Mom and dad.

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