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How many times a week do you wake up, disappointed that you did not die in your sleep?

Asked by ragingloli (46159points) 2 months ago

Tell me your rookie numbers.

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You first.

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ZERO…when I awaken, I say a prayer of thanks for allowing me one more day!!!

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Very few. But there certainly have been times in the past when I would have been happy, if I could have known it, to wake up dead.

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I enjoy my life and look forward to waking up every morning

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Waking up with no dirt in my eyes is a blessing and what I hope for each night I lay down.

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Seven, but I do it all on Sunday nights to save time.

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Still more mornings waking up feeling grateful than feeling surprised that I even woke up. Disappointed? As far as I can recall maybe in the 90s when I was so heartbroken losing a girlfriend.

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Life is a gift regardless of the pain at times.

I was told that on the other side that beings wish that they could live on earth ( whole) again.
If just wishful thinking, I still like the implication and the possibility that it could be true.
The deli lama once stated that it took 200 years after one passes to be able to return in material form and knowing that people should realize that life IS a GIFT to be savored.

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Not since meds change made my pain less massive.

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I’d rather come here and asphyxiate on your vomit than miss a sacred moment of it by dying, in the interim, on my own.

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@Pinguidchance You have such a way with words!

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I wonder if that ‘deli lama’ tasted so good that I’d come back for more, again and again.

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I think his full title is the deli pastrami.

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I have never been suicidal. I wouldn’t actually do it (kinda). But I always felt a bit empty. Like every day was the same and I wasn’t feeling a lot of joy. Twinges of happy but mostly work I hated for 8 hours and then drudgery around the house and paying bills. Then I would watch reruns of Seinfeld and laugh for a few hours and go to bed. And I don’t have kids or a mortgage or a car payment. My bills are 200 a month since if you have cancer you can live with my sister for free.

I get the same out of most people I am around daily. There are peaks of joy but overall life is shit. Facebook and Instagram make everything so much worse. I don’t user either but my family does and it makes their lives worse.

But back to the original question. I have already talked to my GP, oncologist, and radiologist about physician assisted suicide. If they all believe that if I will not have much of a life left I can, if I want get a drink that will put me to sleep. None have a moral objection to it. w00t Oregon..

Not sure if any of you have been there but I have. I went months putting sleeping pills in my feeding tube because being awake hurt. But I knew that would clear up and things would get normal again. But if that was going to be every day until the end I would just blow my head off.

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None. I’m happy being a living, breathing Demosthenes :)

By the evidence of a couple close-calls (narrowly averting what could’ve been a fatal bike accident as well as being in a car accident) as well as hypochondria and intense anxiety causing me to think I have some fatal disorder, I’ve realized that I really don’t want to die, even when things get shitty.

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