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What can I do with a 700 grams of ground hamburger beef?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15852points) 2 weeks ago

It is thawing in the stove top. I have pyrogiys, spaghetti, sour cream, mixed veggies and spaghetti sauce.

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Not sure how much that is, but I’m guessing around a pound & a half. When making spaghetti, I use a pound of ground beef, brown it with onions & garlic, add the spaghetti sauce, cook my fave spaghetti noodles & enjoy my meal. If you’re industrious, you could make meatballs to put in yout sauce. I’m too lazy to work that hard

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Spaghetti Bolognese, obviously.
@SEKA that is about 0.7kg.

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Pound and a half of beef. I would just cook it and keep poking it with a spatchla until you have something that resembles taco meat. And then put it in the spaghetti sauce. Just make a meaty sauce. A pound and half isn’t all that much.

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@ragingloli I found some still fresh shredded cheese. So Spaghetti Bolognese it is. Thanks all. Update: looking good.

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Thanks Loli. I live in the US and I’ve not learned the metric system. Since I don’t know how much 700 grams is, suffice it to say that I also don’t know how much 0.7kg is. john confirmed that I guessed right when I said about 1–½ pounds

@RedDeerGuy1 What time will the spaghetti bolognese be ready?

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Crap, I can’t get there that fast. how about putting the leftovers in the freezer

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It’s 7 ons, in Dutch, if that makes it easier.

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Was perfect. Lots of leftovers. Will last till I get paid in the 26th.

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Do you have a freezer where you live? Like a actual freezer and not a little dorm fridge where the freezer with the flap doesn’t work?

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@johnpowell I have two freezers. one little one in the storage room and the normal one attached to the fridge, in the kitchen.

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Then when you see a deal on some ground beef grab a bunch. When I can get it cheap I get five pounds and cook it up and then cover it in tomato sauce (not ketchup UK an AU people) and some tomato paste and put in lots of salt, pepper, garlic powder and let it simmer for a few hours to thicken up.

Then I just freeze it in smaller portions where when I get low on thawed sauce I can move a frozen section to the fridge and work on that.

I love spaghetti with a thick meaty sauce. Toast some slices of bread and put on the spaghetti and sauce with some cheese to make a sandwich. Fills me up for 50 cents and is delicious.

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When I get a good bulk price, when I get home I cut it into 1 pound packages because most of what I cook takes 1 pound. With my husband and daughter a 1 pound package is perfect even for just hamburgers. When I was single, I froze them in ¼ pound packs so it was just enough for me. Then, if I had company, I could take pull as many packs as I needed to feed us all

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Update: Finished my leftovers was perfect.

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