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Effective remedy for balding males?

Asked by Poliwogamajig (21points) 1 week ago from iPhone

My hairline is receding and the hair gradually thinning out. Can this be reversed with topical solutions?

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I think topical solutions don’t do much.

Face it, the person who discovers a cure for baldness will be a millionaire, or a trillionaire.

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Most of the males in my family are bald. Most have also opted to shave their head so the receding & thinning hair is less noticeable. My dad was bald on top with the fuzz around the sides & back. He chose to wear it proudly as he was convinced that he got it from wearing a helmet during WWII. Personally, I find bald headed men attractive!!!

As a female, this might not be the same. Several years back I thought my hairline had begun receding & I know my hair was thinning. With my hair styled, you could see the light shining directly behind me & my scalp was prominent. At the time, I was just getting into the Essential Oil craze & I was doing tons of research on how to best use EO’s. I noticed that almost all my research led back to the fact that shampooing with Peppermint or Rosemary EO’s would slow down the thinning. I got to the place of thinning that I decided to try it because having all my hair fall out wasn’t as scary as what I was seeing. So, I bought a small bottle of Peppermint & Rosemary EO’s. They couldn’t be used full strength, so when I shampooed my hair, I poured my shampoo into my hand & the added a drop or 2 of BOTH of the EO’s scrubbing my head pretty thoroughly. Then I rinsed & did a 2nd lather. I immediately noticed that my hair felt better & stronger. It took a couple of months before I began to notice that my hair was no where near as thin as it had been when I started my experiment!!! So, I continued adding the EO’s to my shampoo. Over time, I noticed that my hair was getting dry & I went back to doing research to figure out WHY. That’s when I read that the Rosemary tended to remove natural oils from the hair & it was suggested to add Tea Tree Oil to the regimen as the Tea Tree would soothe the scalp. I started by just shampooing with the Tea Tree for about 2 weeks & I loved the way my hair feels!!! I’ve now been adding the EO’s to my shampoo for about 2 years. I don’t use all the EO’s for every shampoo. Now I do the Peppermint EO one shampoo, the Rosemary the next, followed by a Tea Tree shampoo for the 3rd time. The the 4th week, I just use ONLY the shampoo. I now have a head full of thick, luscious hair & my natural curl seems to be coming back!!!

I have NO expertise in male pattern baldness; however, since nothing else seems to work, I suggest that you try the 3 EO’s that worked for me & several of my friends. IF it doesn’t help you, the ONLY thing you have to lose is the $25–30 for the price of the 3 EO’s. IF it does help you, you’ll be glad you tried!!! I know of NO OTC product that works. I also can’t guarantee you that this will work as well on a male’s head as it has on the 4 females who have tried it. You can do your own research to see IF you think it might help you!!!

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Shave it off, and own it.
Or get a wig.

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Just embrace it.
People who try rogaine, hair plugs and comb overs look ridiculous.

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Rogaine only works for the type of baldness that creeps up from the back. It does not work for a receding hairline.

My hair began to thin in my 40s. At fifty, I shaved off the little that remained. I keep it close cropped, and I feel fine about it.

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Show them a photo of when they had a perm, they’re better off…trust me!

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There is absolutely nothing that can be done. Save your money.

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I started losing my hair in my mid-20s. Forty years ago.

Don’t worry about it. As others said, own it – it is you like it or not.

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Native American headdresses.
Or a fetching fedora or Homburg hat.

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