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What, for you, is the ultimate brand when I say American car?

Asked by rebbel (33281points) November 25th, 2019

You hear me say it; American car.
Without hesitation you say…....
And if you please, why?

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Shelby Cobra or Mustang.
Because they’re fucking cool & stuff.

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Chevy & Oldsmobile
Their muscle cars are delightful.

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Chevy. My folks had a green 1959 Chevy when I was very little. I remember it too. It was so roomy inside.

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OMG, Ford Chevy fights can get as vicious as politics.

I had a ‘63 Impala. I sure miss her.

My cousin had a 64½ GTO convertable that was fun for the attention, but my Impala had a knack of making up for some of my poor choices. She could get me home on her own.

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Did you know Cadillac is produced by GM, @janbb? It really took me by surprise, that such a fine brand is produced by…. GM.

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Model T

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Ford. I have had two that I loved. I have a Hyundai now since we got my mom to move near us in an assisted living. I needed a small close-to-the-ground car so she could get into it. It’s all good now.

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