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What is something that is pretty much guaranteed to make you jump?

Asked by ucme (48455points) 1 week ago

A spider
A clap of thunder
Something else…

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Doorbell, ringtone, neighbor’s loud door shut, firework/explosives.
Anything loud.

Not critters.

Van Halen.

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Racquetballs and linoleum.

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Loud, sudden noises.
Terence Hill shooting his revolver at my feet.

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A spider crawling up my shirt towards my face.
Spiders in general.
Quite a few years ago, I was camping in a cabin my grandfather built. I moved something and a large hairy spider jumped out onto the floor about 2’ from my face. I yelled with surprise, whipped out my .22 revolver and splattered that SOB.

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The fire alarm/ smoke detector.

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Centipedes. I hate them!

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@kritiper shooting at damn spiders, or the spiders shooting back.

Not taking my anti convulsant pills.

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That game-winning touchdown!

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Bees, I just hate Bees!!

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People sneakin up behind me, scares me to death!

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Slugs in my salad.

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Finding out that my fart wasn’t dry. Jump and duck walk big time.

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The sight of ucme’s beckoning arousal.

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@Pinguidchance Yes, It’s that big you could play jump rope with it…

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Well for me, these little shits make it happen.

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^I agree. Annoying song.

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I can only apologise dear lady for tempting you with the link :D

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