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How can you tell if a free streaming site is safe?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20608points) November 25th, 2019

I found a movie I thought I would like to see on you tube and when I clicked on it they said click the link below set up a free account and enjoy watching movies with us.
My question are these sites safe to use, or does it open you up for virus and other things galore?

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Can anyone answer this question or are we only good at disagreeing on politics?

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What’s the movie title?

If I can’t help you, then Trump sux. ;-)

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season three of the good Karma Hospital, but I already know Trump sucks.

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Free is usually not free; spam, porn, password stolen . . . !

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Yeah I was getting that feeling,nothing in life is free there is always some kind of cost.

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If you’re referring to the pop-up with the “YouTube TV – More live TV to love” header:

The “TRY IT FREE” link starts with “”, so it seems legit. I’d say there’s a chance you’d see some ads if you accessed the service, unless you’re using an ad blocker with your browser.

However, they require a credit card number before you can start the “free” trial, so I also recommend that you decline.

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